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What are the differences between the domains of the Triat and Genius Loci?

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  • What are the differences between the domains of the Triat and Genius Loci?

    Going through the W20 Umbra book, I noticed that the Penumbra chapter described both the domains of the Triat (p.16-18) and Genius Loci linked to the three members of the Triat (p.25-29). The way it is presented it suggests that these are different things, but the descriptions on both sides are very similar. Are they the same, different or something else entirely?

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    "Domains" of the Trait are general descriptions of the local Penumbra where one of the Trait has a stronger influence than the others.

    Genius Loci are parts of the Umbra where some idea is the most dominant factor. This can favor one of the Triat, or be completely unrelated to them. Blights, Glens, and Hellholes more obviously overlap with Domains of the Trait and are more likely to form where one Trait member is strong, or for Blights where two conflict heavily. Meanwhile an Epiph is generally neutral (or variable) to such concerns. An Epiph is its own little realm of... whatever the concept is. In the Epip of hair, none of the Triat hold sway, only hair and all the expressions of hair, and however the hell you deal with a realm of everything hair when hair is only a part of what you are.

    So, yeah, these are different things. Genius Loci can be linked ot the Trait, but aren't inherently as a concept.