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Werewolves during the expansion of the Roman Empire?

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  • Werewolves during the expansion of the Roman Empire?

    I’m GM of a Vampire game in the II century BC. PCs have moved to the border to lead the conquering of the land. What would the Garou be doing by that time? There may be some Silver Fang and Warden of men amongst the Romans… but what’s about the rest?

    I guess there can’t be an united Garou Nation, otherwise it would have being impossible for humans and vampires conquering Europe like Romans did. Maybe Carens were fighting between them and Romans used those fights in their advantage? Maybe Garou didn’t seem Roman Expansion as Wyrm or Waver thrat? Maybe the Roman silver Fangs lead “barbarian” Caerns to allow Roman expansion?

    Other ideas that can provide a reasonable explanation of the successful expansion of Rome?

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    Well, canonically and all, Rome was supported by the Silver Fangs of House Conquering Claw (who don't exist any more appropriately enough). So it is likely just that simple: Rome's success was bolstered by one of the dominant Silver Fang Houses of the day.


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      Remember that Garou interests do not necessarily cross the vampires' ones. To be fair, vampires usually split and play on different sides (or even play both sides just to be sure) so it's virtually impossible for the werewolves to pick a side that doesn't help a vampire. Also, humanity and their Weaver constructs are not something that the Garou society despise - of course, some of them will but almost every Homid feels the comforts of a dry house with a fireplace, a warm bath or a cup of wine.

      Back then the world was still a pretty savage place and no one probably expected the Wyld to die out like it did; back then the apocalypse was a distant legend and the tribes weren't on the edge of the extinction, infighting between the Garou nation was also more likely. So you have werewolves fighting for the Celtic tribes against the Empire and others fighting for the Empire.

      Back then we didn't even have BSDs, since they only fell around 200 AD. I'd say that the Garou of the time heavily overestimated their ability to control the human civilization.


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        Generally speaking, in the Second Century BC Roman Republic:

        Black Furies - Primarily concentrated in Greece/Macedonia, Asia Minor and the Black Sea Region, as well as parts of Southern Italy, the Eastern Mediterranean and Egypt, with some possible outliers in the Western Mediterranean and parts East.

        Bone Gnawers - They'll be in Rome and other parts of the Mediterranean, most likely coming from or trying to dwell along the fringes of the bottom rungs of the Plebian class and among the Slave class. There probably aren't that many of them in the Republic itself, but slightly more common in the eastern regions like Ptolemaic Macedonia and Egypt, or further East.

        Children of Gaia - Most likely concentrated in the Eastern regions, especially Mesopotamia and Persia, with some in the area of Jerusalem as well. In Italy and Gaul, they're probably more curiosities than anything else.

        Fianna - The biggest tribe any Roman is likely to run into on the frontier, as at this point their Kinfolk predominate throughout Iberia, Gaul, the Alps, and the British Isles.

        Get of Fenris - in the northlands beyond the Celts, unlikely to be encountered until Imperial times.

        Red Talons - anywhere there is a lack of human civilization - which means much of Europe and the Steppes - they'll be there.

        Shadow Lords - Most concentrated in the Balkans and surrounding regions, including Macedonia, the lands bordering the Adriatic Sea (including eastern Italy), as well as the Black Sea areas and what is now Poland.

        Silent Striders - In North Africa/Carthage, the Eastern parts of the Mediterranean, Mesopotamia and Persia, parts of Asia Minor, and somewhat uncommon in Greece, Italy and Iberia. They are barred from Egypt by the tribal curse at this point.

        Silver Fangs - House Conquering Claw have made Rome their center of power and plan to ride that wave as long as they can. They aren't the majority of the tribe, with other Houses in Egypt, India, and the terra incognita of Russia.

        Stargazers - All but unknown in Europe, concentrated in the Himalayas and the surrounding regions of India, China and parts of Persia. Any in Rome are novelties.

        Warders of Man - Anywhere there are cities, including Rome, as well as places in Greece, Egypt, Jerusalem and Persia. They're less likely to be encountered in the west.

        White Howlers - Found almost entirely in the British Isles (unless they also had territories above the Arctic Circle or Greenland), they're unlikely to be encountered by anyone from Rome.

        Bunyip, Croatan, Uktena and Wendigo are going to be completely unknown in Europe.

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          Thanks for the info. I think I'm basically going to force my players into manipulating some garou caerns to success, otherwise they'll have to face garous it costcoe every few years of conquering campaign. They're 150 years old (40 game session. About 10-12 dots in disciplines) ventrue-malkavian-Nosferatu. So, manipulating garou shouldn't be easy at all for them. This is going to be fun