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Military base umbra defenses

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  • Military base umbra defenses

    I'm preparing next adventure in my chronicle. PC's will need to assault a pentex base in africa, it's dedicated to extract minerals but it's defended like a military base. I've a clear idea on how it's defended in the real world (minefield, armed fomori, first teams, snipers, some experimental monsters),... But if the PC's try the assault in the umbra, how such base could look like in the umbra?

    how do fomori look in the umbra? Is the bane in the same physical place than the fomori? Or it doesn't longer exist in the umbra?

    Thanks for the ideas!

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    Fomori don't have an Umbral reflection: their banes are fused inside their hosts and won't run back into the Umbra unless they're exorcised first (or killed, but I seem to recall that killing a Fomori puts the spirit into Slumber).

    The Umbral reflection of a Pentex facility is probably going to be quite bad - less silver bullets but an awful lot of banes.
    I'd suggest to treat it as an hellhole and pick an appropriate theme for it. It's a mine in Africa, maybe where workers are exploited and kept in inhuman conditions for an handful of coins? Appropriate themes might be famine, fear, slavery, dirty money; pick one and build the whole aesthetic of the Umbral reflection around it (hellhole landscapes usually don't mirror the material world much, save for the buildings where the worst things happen). Put a few thematic traps, don't forget the scouting, flying and hard-to-spot spirits that are going to raise the alarm and fill the place with banes.

    Given the kind of place I'd say that could be sensible to use banes as corrupted earth or metal elementals, thinbones, rust spiders, scrags and crimson pestilents, but you're of course free to design any kind of bane you like; the number of hostile spirits should be HUGE, not something that a medium ranked pack would be able to handle. Some of the spirits will probably materialize should the pack decide to attack in the physical world and some of the dancers are surely going to step sideways should they attack in the Umbra.


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      One other possibility (given how commonly these sorts of mines are associated with human trafficking in the real world), there are few good targets for the Garou to find... Only half-starved human slaves -- who are nonetheless massively Wyrm-tainted owing to being held prisoner there so long. Alternately, getting in via the Umbra turns out to be quite easy -- only finding out once inside that the spiritual resonance of the place is all about keeping you from ever leaving.