In a fiction i am planning on writing soon the MCs, a group of boys from a summer camp ran by a Scouts-like organization run into a Nuwisha while in the Umbra after stumbling upon a Shallowing. The Nuwisha decides to take the boys "under their paw", and shows them how to survive in the Umbra, while pulling a variety of harmless jokes on them both in the human and spirit worlds. Eventually, the boys learn about the Wyrm, the rest of the Triat and worse of alk, The Changeing Breeds.

In the story, the Nuwisha tells the boys all he knows about these topics, telling some of the truth, while sprinkling in a liberal amount of deceit, especially about the Breeds, mostly to keep them from dying a borrific death at the hand of Garou.

My question is what types of lies and tricks a Nuwisha would use or tell to mostly harmlessly mislead the campers about these topics?