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  • Great Hunt quarry ideas

    The Great Hunt is the summer seasonal rite that is supposed to reveal a worthy creature or creatures for an entire sept (or whatever group participates in the right). They have only from Dawn to Midnight to complete the hunt. Failing the Great Hunt is a big deal. Besides causing participants to lose renown, it is considered a bad omen in general, and has a mechanical penalty of making ALL rites performed by the sept to increase by one until next midsummer.

    While this is a great hook to present to the players, that it is an annual event should force the ST to come up with interesting foe(s) again and again during a chronicle if it lasts multiple years in game time. Because I prefer to run historical chronicles that lead up to the current day in order to provide a passage of time appropriate for increasing renown and rank (I dislike it when PCs can go from cub to legend within a short period of in-game time. I like the illusion it is taking them a long time), this is a problem for me. I need a constant stream of ideas.

    Participating in a successful Great Hunt is worth 3 Glory renown, while a failed Hunt causes you to lose 2 Glory. Comparable 3 Glory awards are for attacking a Wyrm minion without regard to personal safety, defeating a very powerful supernatural threat not of the Wyrm, and defeating an average Wyrm threat (like a Blight Child or fomori). The reason is that the rite renown assumes the target will be an average threat of the Wyrm - if the threat is greater or lesser, the Glory renown will be adjusted. But 3 Glory is the likely default.

    Considering that an entire sept (or another large body of Garou, likely multiple packs) is on the Hunt, this means the quarry of the Great Hunt needs to be a significant threat (an average threat to one Garou or a pack, can't be an average threat to the combined Garou of a sept).

    Presumably since the Garou must find the creature within the day, it can't be one hidden too well. It has to be one that generally can be found during that time period (although I think Garou must keep tabs on some Wyrm creatures yet not attack them otherwise just to maintain a list of potential Great Hunt targets - that in itself might make good pack quests handed out by the sept). I'm sure some Great Hunts can't be completed because the target is unknown or too obscure, but I think that must be rare.

    So what do you think would make a good prey for the Great Hunt?

    We can always divided them up into "routine" prey meaning the kind of prey one can usually expect. And then in various degrees or rarity when Gaia (or the ST) wants something special. And I think it should always be possible to fail at the hunt, although likely not too often. Routine prey should almost always be defeated. But the rarer ones are more likely to fail.

    I'm thinking a group of Scrags, or a Psychomachiae would make a routine object of prey. A Nexus Crawler is likely a rarer kind. What do you think?

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    A Nexus Crawler is one of the Wyrm's most powerful, rarest and deadliest servants, so a Garou sept is not going to attack one on a whim or as a "routine object of prey." Even as rare as they are, leading a Nexus Crawler close enough to a caern for a Great Hunt would not only be a fool's errand, but would likely lead to violating the Litany ("Ye shall take no action that violates a caern.") Those Crawlers are dangerous, even for a fully manned sept.

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      Skull Pigs.


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        A forgotten Dragon, a uniquely monstrous fomori, an unusually powerful bane, an elder Garou that fell to madness.


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          What do you mean by a dragon? There are stats for the Zmei in Rage Across Russia, but they are so powerful I can't imagine they'd be the object of a Great Hunt in ordinary conditions. Do you mean something like a Thunderwyrm?

          Likewise, there are lots of banes out there. What would be examples of banes you think of are as unusually powerful, or what would you add to a normal bane to make them more powerful? Just add more Essence? It's just too vague to understand what you are thinking.


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            Not all dragons are Zmei or that powerful, also Zmei have stats in 2nd Edition Rage Across Russia, in Revised Apocalypse they are statless. Dragons can easily be as big as moderate sized thunderwyrms, 15 strength and stamina, scales that downgrade damage, 5 brawl-athletics, heat vision, claws that ignore normal armor, regenerate 2 health levels per turn (even aggravated), breath that spreads death (all living creatures take lethal damage from dragon's breath,just by breathin close to the dragon), dragon's bite maakes flesh rott, creatures with regeneration lose this power if bitten by a dragon, creatures without regenerating powers rot, taking one aggravated damage per turn. Dragons that don't have Rage (your choice) have extra 3 dice to split for multiple actions.

            Example of a bane would be one that is difficult to catch and fight and one that regains fast essence by making people suffer
            A bane with higher than 10 stats, a Bane that is difficulty 10 to hurt, a bane that attacks and dodges at the same time without penalty, a bane that can easily corrupt humans and garou, or one that is too vast to kill but not impossible to overpower. A gigantic razor edged psychomachiae with 4 leggs, 4 hands, 2 torsos and 2 heads, with higher than usual stats that can make 2 attack without penalty and special manouvers like mass swipes that hit all enemies in an arc in front of the bane without penalty.

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              Even with an entire sept of Garou, those examples seem very powerful and not anything that would be a routine threat. I'd save that for one of the rarer preys of the Great Hunt as failure would be very possible.


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                How about a high Ranking human Pentex emplyee, high resources and retainer ratings .


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                  I could see that, or any other human provided he has somehow committed great violations against Gaia. (I remember a comment about the Sept of the Green in the corebook that to preserve some bit of caern magic, once a year the sept carries out a task for the caern spirit, and that is usually for them to punish someone responsible for polluting her waters. This is similar.) Even with retainers and money though, it is unlikely to present much of a physical challenge for the Garou although it could be a challenge in regards to the Veil. But if there are enough goons around with special weapons and such, it might work its way up to be a decent threat. I think it's a good concept for a hunt, probably more of a roleplay challenge than a physical one. But sometimes that's what you want. Thanks for all your suggestions.


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                    Happy to help !