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Any experience playing as Mockery Breeds?

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  • Any experience playing as Mockery Breeds?

    The Anurana and Samsa are especially interesting to me, since there is so much corruption in their creation but still the potential for some kind of redemption.

    The big issues with the frogs are that they have no spirit gifts (even banes seem to look down on them) and that they are dependent on pollution to step sideways. The first issue is a "social" one; spirits are not implacable. The second issue is more of a metaphysical/spiritual one, since jumping from an association with polluted water to an association with clean water won't come simply. "Stable" Gaian Anurana would be able to step sideways through fresh water (polluted or otherwise, just not salty), and would be able to learn gifts from Frog and similar. They'd also learn gifts which gave them resistance or immunity to toxins and pollution, making them perfect weapons against Pentex.

    If we're holding onto some serious problem or disability, they'd quickly grow sick if they went away from the water for more than a few hours in any form. Clean or polluted, they belong in the water and become dry and weak outside it. This could even extend into their umbral travel, with them being limited to the umbral areas which correspond to marine environments.

    For the Samsa their biggest problems are their mental illnesses, their fear of the dark and their inability to step sideways. They do have the patronage of a powerful spirit though. "Stable" Gaian Samsa would be slightly ugly and awkward allies of the Glass Walkers. Very technical, very sneaky. They'd be able to transform into a "swarm" form of large cockcroaches the way Ananasi split into spiders. Speaking of the Ananasi, we're told that they destroyed the Insect Breeds. Were some "true" werecockroaches among those ancient breeds that were lost?

    A gift would allow them to step sideways in cramped/shadowy places.

    Their serious problem or disability would be their tendency towards anxiety disorders which are resistant to medication.

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    My view on the Mockery Breeds (as I think I've mentioned elsewhere) is that the Wyrm corrupted existing/extinct but dormant things instead of creating. Because that's the theme of the Wyrm in general; so redemption of the breeds is an achievable, but epic; quest for players.
    The creation could have used recessive kinfolk DNA combined with spiritual manipulation with corrupted frog/cockroach spirits. More likely, they haven't involved the spirits, or those spirits would deal with the creatures.

    Having them cleansed and acknowledged by a totem would be how I see their redemption