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    Michigan: To be fair, I think we have quite the smattering of almost all the tribes. Most populous though? Get of Fenris, Wendigo, Bone Gnawer, Glass Walker. But I'll throw in my thoughts of each tribe.

    Black Furies: I'm sure there's plenty of people with Greek ancestry here, but I'm not aware of any area in the state that is really known for it. Of course Furies could also include those in wome's rights movements, so that could account for some of their numbers here.

    Bone Gnawers: Between Detroit, Flint, Saginaw we have more than our share of Gnawers. Throw in Grand Rapids, Lansing, and maybe even some that live on their own outside the cities in the rural north.

    Children of Gaia: Ancestrally not many, but as far as those that have been accepted by this tribe via nature conservancy puts Michigan on the map for Children of Gaia.

    Fianna: UK and Ireland have some representation here. No famous communities of them here, but they're around. The U.P. (Upper Peninsula) had a notable amount of Cornish immigrants back in the mid-late 1800's for the mining industry.

    Get of Fenris: One of our biggest tribes. Much of Michigan was settled by German immigrants. Along with a large population in the U.P. of Finnish descendants that came for mining jobs.

    Glass Walkers: What city doesn't have it's share of Glass Walkers? Don't forget the numerous universities here in Michigan focusing on technology.

    Red Talons: Smaller in numbers, but there is a live wolf population in Michigan, mostly in the north, but there have been some sightings below the Straits of Mackinac. It wouldn't surprise me if the Talons had something to do with our growing wolf population.

    Shadow Lords: Eurasia doesn't have much of a showing here in Michigan, I'm sure there are some. However, outside of politics or any other shady deals, I don't see many Shadow Lords being here.

    Silent Striders: Middle Eastern immigrants have been on the rise here, with the city of Dearborn being made up of mostly those of Middle Eastern descent now. You can't tell me there aren't any Striders among us here.

    Silver Fangs: Similar with the Shadow Lords. Not a strong Russian representation here in Michigan. Are there some? Sure, but they're definitely few and far between.

    Uktena: I always picture Uktena to be more from Central and South America, so not a strong presence here in Michigan. Although many Latinos have come this way working construction jobs.

    Wendigo: Michigan has the largest Native American population east of the Mississippi. Though perhaps overlooked, Wendigo of the Anishinaabe are certainly not to be forgotten.


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      Originally posted by AMmayhem View Post
      Uktena: I always picture Uktena to be more from Central and South America, so not a strong presence here in Michigan. Although many Latinos have come this way working construction jobs.
      IIRC, the general spread was that the Uktena tended to be the tribes and nations from Southeastern and Southwest US and parts further south, while the Wendigo tended to be the Northeast, Great Plains, and Pacific Northwest and further north. The Croatan were coastal MidAtlantic, Ohio/Mississippi River Valleys and a few other places. (There were a few notable exceptions, such as the Apache and Navajo/Dine being Wendigo.) But because of where they were in the Deep South and Mexican regions, and because they didn't share the Wendigo's ideas about racial purity, African American and Mestizo peoples became a fairly sizable part of the Uktena's Kin/breeding stock by the early 19th century.

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        Uktena were never from South America because there have never been wolves in South America. And the range of the Mexican Wolf in Central America was limited to parts of northern Mexico. There were likely never any Uktena among the Aztecs or Maya. But probably lots of Balam there. And Nuwisha. Lots.


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          Yeah, when it comes to Uktena, Croatan, and Wendigo, I always seem to have a harder time getting a grasp of their origins.


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            I currently live in Texas and used to run a Texas game. Uktena and Fenrir were the big tribes in the state. Also had a bat changer in the game.

            I grew up in Florida. Based on that state's bloody Seminole Wars, I'd say there are a bunch of Weidigo running around. Florida was a big railroad area in the 1800s, so a fair amount of Iron Riders turned Glasswalker.

            Most immigrants in Florida came from South America/Caribbean, so lots of Fera.

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