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Rules Query; Specializations

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  • Rules Query; Specializations

    This may have been a weird house rule or thing I got confused with another setting.

    I remember it being possible to purchase/buy additional specializations. I think there was a limit to the number you could have for each skill though.

    Am I wrong? Confused about another system?

    I'm just trying to check on stuff and not lose my mind at the same time. Please. Thanks. All hail Hypno Toad.

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    In baseline WtA, there's no way to obtain more than one Specialty per Attribute/Ability.

    From official sources:

    1) Your character can invest in a "secondary" Ability, in the 20th books referred to as Hobby Talents, Professional Skills, and Expert Knowledges.

    2) In the Revised Dark Ages rules (including DA Werewolf) Ability Specialties worked differently than they do in the other iterations of the game, and could be purchased multiple times.

    3) The Mage games have offered more optional rules for this. Revised allowing a second Specialty at cost. M20 having the Well Skilled Craftsman rule that allows multiple specialties to be obtained for some Abilities.

    There's also been a large number of house rules over the years.