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    I am curious as to how other chronicles use the various Domains in the Penumbra. I am not talking about special Domains created for the purposes of a specific plot, but "normal" domains that exist more or less statically in the chronicle setting. That glen that exists in one of the big parks in a city. That blight that exists in the bad area of town. That hellhole at the superfund site. The glens that exist at various places in the wilderness, or those few chimares that seem to exist long term.

    Are they simply places where Garou can likely encounter certain spirits (for whatever reason - to gossip and converse, or to get favors via chiminage, or to fight Banes for more Glory)? How in depth are they described? Are they just a spot to go to, or is it a "dungeon" that can be explored?

    How many domains are "typical" in your chronicles? Does the ST create a static number that is more or less permanent, or do they grow and shrink according to whatever the ST needs at the moment? Are some domain types always present or always missing?

    How important are they to the chronicles you run or play in? Are they an important part of the chronicle setting like important locations in the Realm, or are they just background detail that is easily glossed over.

    This is one of those things that seem peculiar to each ST and chronicle, so I am curious if there ends up being any consensus. So this survey is now open!

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    Obviously this is not something players pay attention to. This is a little surprising to me as when I look at online resources (whether online games or game websites like Obsidian Portal), there usually is some setting detail that describes one or more commonly known umbral domains.

    As for me, I'm currently at a point where I like to include several semi-permanent domains named by Garou with some planned interactions if the PCs show up. But nothing too detailed. Just a name, general description, some idea of the gafflings there, and one or a few jagglings that can hold conversations with PCs.