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Ananasi Venom: What do you guys use for stats?

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  • Ananasi Venom: What do you guys use for stats?

    Hey there peeps! I am just now getting into WoD (Kind of avoided it all these years but now people have finally convinced me to try it..) and I'm looking to play an Ananasi in an upcoming game. They seem really cool (gonna go Hatar Myrmidon), but the issue is, of course, that Ananasi state they have Venoms according to spider breed they currently are, that they do aggravated damage, that they are usable in all forms with weaker potency in homid and lilian forms, annd.. that's it.

    So, bearing in mind I'm a total newb at this game, but that I am playing it with others, can you guys a.) give me some advice, possibly share any stats or rulings you guys made as to how you had Ananasi venoms work, and/or b.) look at what I've drawn up and see if it's okay or total crap? Here's what I've got, that the GM and I have been talking about using (the setting will be in South Africa, hence the references for breeds).

    All poisons are delivered through bite attacks only (which is available in all forms), and the bite attack must deal one level of health damage after soak in order to apply a dose of the Ananasi's poison: Failure to puncture the skin means the venom is ineffective. Because the Ananasi's venom is supernatural in origin (as it's from them, a supernatural creature), it affects even those such as undead, unless they explicitly are immune to poisons in some matter. Resist Toxin provides its normal +3 bonus to Stamina rolls to soak the Toxicity of an Ananasi's poison, but does not confer immunity (As it is not a natural poison, such as arsenic). Because an Ananasi's Venom is always aggravated damage, mortals are typically unable to soak it, and it can be extremely damaging to them; to supernaturals like Garou and the Fera, they can ordinarily soak aggravated damage and thus, can soak the Toxicity. Gifts and effects which add soak versus external threats (such as Luna's armor, or regular armor, and similar bonuses to soak such as a Mokolé's armored hide) do not help with the roll to soak the versus the Venom's toxicity (though they will help normally against the bite attack itself, which might prevent them from being poisoned in the first place). Vampires with the Fortitude discipline can use Fortitude to soak the damage of the Ananasi venom, but are otherwise unable to soak Aggravated damage and therefore will suffer its effects.

    Necrotic Venom
    (example species: Brown Recluse, Violin Spider native to South Africa)

    Toxicity: (Stamina) levels of aggravated damage
    Difficulty: (Strength +3, max 9)
    Effects: The victim takes one level of aggravated damage per round until they've taken the full effects of the Venom's Toxicity rating, and suffers a -2 to Strength and Stamina until the venom has run its course.

    Neurotoxic Venom
    (example species: Black Widow, Button Spider native to Africa)

    Toxicity: (Stamina + 1) levels of aggravated damage
    Difficulty: (Strength + 2, max 8)
    Effects: The victim takes one level of aggravated damage when injected if they fail to soak the Venom's toxicity, and an additional level of aggravated damage per minute until the venom has run its course. Those poisoned suffer nerve damage, and are unable to feel pain or move as quickly; they take a -2 to Dexterity, and a -1 to all Talent and Skills until the venom has worn off. If they botch

    they take a -3 to initiative, and a -3 to all dice pool rolls until the venom has worn off, but they do not suffer the dice penalties of being wounded, as they are unable to process the pain of their injuries (though they are very aware that they are poisoned).

    Hallucinogenic Venom
    (example species: Abandoned-web orb-weaver, none native to Africa)

    Toxicity: (Stamina - 1) levels of aggravated damage
    Difficulty: (Strength + 5, max 10)
    Effects: The victim takes one level of aggravated damage when injected if they fail to soak the Venom's toxicity. For every level of Toxicity not soaked after the first, they suffer hallucinations and a mild delirium effect for one hour; they take -2 to all dice pools until the venom has worn off, at which point they suffer the Delirium, as if they'd seen the Ananasi in their Lilian form (which in most cases, will mean that most mortals forget the hours they were poisoned for or will rationalize it away). Those immune to the delirium do not suffer it, as normal, but still take the damage and the penalties to dice rolls. Garou and similar Fera who can meditate to regain Gnosis are actually able to recover an additional point of Gnosis from meditation, if they do so while poisoned by this venom; it is not koshur for Ananasi to poison themselves to recieve this benefit (in just the same way as it is grotesque of an Ananasi to bite and injure herself to recover blood points. It is possible, but unbecoming of an Ananasi.)

    Allergic Venom
    (example sources: Garden spiders, Rain spiders native to Africa)

    Toxicity: (Stamina - 1) levels of aggravated damage
    Difficulty: (Strength + 3, max 10)
    Effects: The victim takes two levels of aggravated damage per round from the Venom until its run its course; individually the Venom evokes an allergic reaction equivalent to a bee sting, which causes swelling around the site of injury, redness, and generalized rash across the body. Multiple applications, however, can provoke an anaphylaxis response; if someone becomes incapacitated from the venom's damage, then they begin to suffocate, and will die if they do not find a source of healing or medical attention (to intubate them), according to the normal Suffocation rules.


    If it isn't obvious, I sort of modeled the venoms off of the fact that they do explicit agg damage, that poisons (in the W20 book) state they do 1-3 levels of (normally lethal, but ananasi is agg) damage, and that other effects like hallucinogens and narcotics/opiates do other things also. I kind of tried to stay away from jsut a flat "7 levels of agg damage, soak it or die" like the Nagah have (though they can get deadly later on).

    Thoughts? Kind of hoping y'all might have some advice, perhaps for another type or maybe y'all did it a totally different way. I've also considered just stating the venoms to a flat 1 agg damage themselves, but then levels of tox not soaked only extend the duration of debuffs, applying Hallucinogenic's method to all of them, that way they for sure aren't "lethal" but rather just debilitating.. think that might be better?

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    If I remember correctly Breed book Ananasi gave them normal spider venom, which of course in Pithus there is a vast quantity released in a bite enough to surely kill or paralyze for several hours, but it had no effect on shifters or undead without specific Gifts enhancing it.

    Cant remember if they changed it in W20 but if not then they have no aggravated damage venom barring Gifts.


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      W20/Changing Breeds 20 has Ananasi venom explicitly doing aggravated damage normally, so no need for gifts to boost its potency (I believe in the older version ananasi breedbook that is true, though). Unfortunately, even in the breedbook they don't give explicit stats for Ananasi venom; they just say it can paralyze or kill in a few hours after a bite.