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Tribebook: Naghaluu in Storyteller's Vault

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  • Tribebook: Naghaluu in Storyteller's Vault

    Our newest entry exploring the prehistoric Americas is up on Storyteller's Vault! Tribebook: Naghaluu is a companion piece to Tribebook: Khara. Naghaluu explores the secret history of the dire wolf shifters and their tragic war against their Fera kin. This is a bigger product than Khara -- and if the attention and kudos keep coming we will continue the series into the other lost Fera.

    Their noble mission is undermined when the War of Rage causes the other Fera to consider them too closely related to Garou. Come discover their unique duty given to them by Gaia and how their secrets filtered into the modern nights. Tribebook Naghaluu is waiting for you!

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    Very nice old school artwork dood.


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      I thought Ratkin came in with Black and Warf rats.. what would they have as a beast form in early times?