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    Originally posted by Synapse View Post
    If you want to chalk the word deformity to just stigma, well, metis are stigmatized.

    Ajaba Metis aren't stigmatized... so any deformity that would only be a social penalty for other Metis wouldn't be a good fit for that aspect of it anyway.

    I am fine with calling it a deformity because it fits the bill of "off-model + causes problems".
    What problem does being intersex cause an Ajaba Metis? How many of them wouldn't be better represented as a more specific co-morbid disorder?

    This is also in accordance with the fact that Metis are the consequence of a (magical, although this doesn't matter for this particular topic) incestuous relation, which is a strong factor for causing defects.
    Has has been go over countless times in other threads? This whole line of reasoning makes no sense and is contradicted in the text.

    The metis' suffering due to these differences are almost exclusively caused by their own people rejecting them.
    Um, the majority of them suffer actual physical disabilities, not just social stigma

    This is shown very clearly a problem with most bete societies.
    No, it isn't.

    Of all the Fera, only the Garou and Ratkin have a strong anti-Metis bias. The Bastet are weakly anti-Metis but too individualistic to enforce any social inequality as a whole. All of the other Fera either can't produce Metis, or have no social stigma around them. Two of them actually consider their Metis superior (Kitsune and Nagah)


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      I see. If they aren't stigmatized indeed it shouldn't be a flaw available for them. Forgive me, I haven't played with non-garou in quite a while.

      You can restrict what I said to garou and ratkin


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        To be Fair Garou and Ratkin grossly outnumber all the other Fera. In fact if you combine both of them they would outnumber all the other Fera combined, and if you didn't include the Anansi they would even more grossly outnumber all the others.

        It is a time for great deeds!


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          And I would include Mokole in the Metis numbers, their equivalent of a Metis are conceived but they are Stillborn angry ghosts. Its stigmatized to create a restless Dragon ghost for them...

          It is a time for great deeds!