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Cutting Shadow / Shadow Weaving

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  • Cutting Shadow / Shadow Weaving

    I'm not that fond of W20 and play revised most of the time.

    Lately in a W20 game the question arose,: Can a Shadow Lord stretch the shadow of an enemy severeal dozened meters away to his own position with Shadow Weaving, and then use it to attack over a basically huge distance?

    Shadow Weaving has no limit given to what degree a shadow can be twisted, only a maximum distance from user to shadow, which is 199ft./91m....

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    It's possible. But, you'd likely need to be able to perceive the target first. I don't think it lets you know every shadow within the area instinctively. But, if you were a ways away from the target but able to see them, or could see them through a camera and knew they were close-by, I think you could do so. The character may notice the shadow stretching, though, and may try to flee beyond the area.


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      As a combo yes you can do that.