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Free(r)-Form Shifting - Partial Transformations and Possibly Losing the Middle Forms

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  • Free(r)-Form Shifting - Partial Transformations and Possibly Losing the Middle Forms

    Recently, I had discovered a great example of why editing is important when I discovered a set of poorly-worded character options and inconsistencies in the MET books created the possibility for a Mage Kinain Kinfolk with membership in 11 tribes (plus the Hakken) and rank in almost every shifting breed and a slew of breed-specific benefits. And while this thought experiment was absolutely terrible and should (almost) never be allowed (though I am willing to elaborate on the findings if anyone is curious), it did make me wonder about a few things, and helped me discover a few others. One of the things I discovered (or rediscovered really, since I am sure I knew it existed before but didn't remember it for some reason) was the existence of Partial Shifting in Apoc. It wasn't a big thing in the LARPs I played since it never actually got a conversion that I can find in MET or BNS, and while I knew it existed in Forsake, I hadn't considered its existence in Apoc until I found it while looking through the Revised Player's Guide (which has a slew of other information and optional rules, FYI - we did adapt some of the Wyrm/Weaver/Wyld Taint and Affinity rules into our MET Chronicle, but I didn't realize they came from here). It's definitely a cool concept - there's an image of a Glass Walker in the BNS book that is probably meant to represent him going Glabro, but I often focus on his hand and nails growing into claws on the table, and it seems like a great idea.

    And then I had another idea - what if the middle forms were removed, what would change? In this idea, you are either in Homid or Lupus (or equivalent); if you want a mix, you use partial transformation. You could even create a world where the shifters don't have animal forms, but remain in "homid" and add on features of their animal to their bodies, creating a world where shifters remain "human" in appearance but draw upon their bestial nature to combat the Wyrm and Weaver and their forces.

    A few issues do come to mind, of course. And I'm wondering what else I'm missing, as well as ways either idea could be more interesting:
    -Without distinct forms, Kailindo would need to be overhauled.
    -How would Delirium work?
    -The Corax would especially still need their animal forms, as would the Rokea; the Mokole also would need to figure out how to work out their Archid form and its specific benefits.

    Anyone have any other ideas, positive or negative?