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    Hello all,

    Andy if you are reading this... piss off. Go on GIT!

    All others please continue on....

    Quick question, but first a little background. This is my first time playing a werewolf. We are using a homebrew of WTF rules with WTA lore. I'm the alpha of my pack. We are stuck in a weaver spirit realm in the deep umbra. We encountered some cyber wolves (werewolves that have been stuck here because they are not PC's.) They helped out my packmate that was abducted and taken there. We have a mutual goal.. we want to leave and they want to take control of a section of the weaver spirit realm. We are in a position to get home... but that means abandoning the cyber wolves who are stuck here. They want the "Key" to access the realm and take over. We made a deal with the leader and they will send us home and remove the weaver gate. This will remove the rampant weaver spirits from our territory, close the gate so they can't come back and allow us to go back home. This doesn't sit well with me. I'm Rahu (Ahroun)... I want to fight. I want to stand up with our Garou family and help them control the key. If they control the key we can still get all the stuff we want... but they will be in control and stop the weaver from oppressing the lower level spirits. The PROBLEM with all of this is NONE of my other packmates are on board. All they care about is getting home. They think it's stupid and risky to try to fight for the key. They haven't openly challenged me for alpha but I see it coming if not now... when we get back. I however want to support our Garou friends who have looked out for us. I feel it's our duty to help out fellow Garou packs whenever they ask for help. My packmates think I'm putting their lives at risk (which I kinda am) and they just want to go back and protect our territory. They feel these other Garou are zealots and their cause is stupid because the Weaver will eventually undo their control of the key and everything will go back to normal.

    Long story short. I want to write a short but concise speech to rouse my packmates to my cause. I'm unfamiliar with Apocalypse lore and would like any assistance writing a rousing speech for my packmates? I could use some lore or background that would help me argue my point. Any help would be appreciated. Myself and my Omega got into a pretty heated argument last session. I see his point of view but I don't want to abandon the cyber wolves who helped us when we arrived here. I feel it's our duty to assist them with their cause.

    Thanks for reading this wall of text.

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    If the Alpha and Omega have already gotten into "a pretty heated argument" about it, you're probably already at an impasse and aren't going to be able to change any packmates' minds with words. If the alpha isn't going to yield and let the pack persuade him against his preference, I think it really is time for a formal challenge, with the winner taking (or keeping) the Alpha role and the others honor-bound to accept the results of the challenge as a mandate for action. As alpha, your character should invite anyone in the pack not willing to follow his lead to challenge him as a way of settling the matter. If nobody steps forward to make a challenge, that means the alpha still has their trust in spite of their objections, and the proof of "right" or "wrong" can be weighed in the outcome.

    On the other hand, if the in-character disagreement is spilling over into real-life bad feelings around the table, take a step back and consider it's not worth harming your real-life friendships just to have your character's way in the game.
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      Thanks for this. I wasn't sure how the pack Alpha roll really played out. Needless to say they didn't follow suit and I didn't pull rank. They went home and I stayed behind to fight for what I believed in. I'm separated from the pack now and they are back home. I said I wouldn't force them to fight for something they believed in.

      It didn't go like I thought. I gave one final speech to try to call them to my side but they decided to go home. It's ok I'm not mad. It kinda worked out because I'm ST of the next story and I was wondering how I was going to pull off being Alpha and absent from the story. They made the Beta the new Alpha. I will probably resume when I get back to the pack. I wish I would have read your reply before last night. It woulda helped me as pack Alpha but it's all good. I really appreciate your response because now it will help me with impasses in the future. Thank you Wilson!