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Two-Sprit Uktena and Windigo

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  • Two-Sprit Uktena and Windigo

    As we know many but not all native Americans Have a Third Gender

    Considering that many of them where also considered Shamans and very Spiritual.

    Considering I’ll consider they’ll have This individuals in High regards in Leadership Positions.

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    The two-spirit concept is not strictly a third gender, but an attempt to classify the highly varied cultural customs regarding gender in Native American communities before European colonial influence.

    And... the Garou aren't really populous enough for this to have too big of an impact on them.


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      Maybe allow a right of Renunciation without penalty to recognize that the true individual is different to what was assigned at Birth for them?
      But i'd offer it in general, not just for Native American Tribes!

      As far as the setting and system goes, Renown is what will usually determine Leadership, you could have some specific spirits that are more generous with "Third Gender" individuals, but there's not really renown differences based on gender.