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1001 botches for stepping sideways

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  • 1001 botches for stepping sideways

    Hi everyone. I'm currently having a little bit of trouble with my players. Due to story reasons, they're at the moment unable to form a pack. Of course, that means no communal stepping sideways by the Gnosis 10 Theurge - but so far, this doesn't seem to stop a few of the Gnosis 2-4 Homid people from trying to step sideways inside of a city. And... well... I'm running out of interesting ideas for their botches. So I'm hoping to crowdsource a few more around here.

    1.) You're stuck in the pattern web. Your luckier friends better dig you out quickly.

    2.) You don't manage to get through the gauntlet, but you attract plenty of attention - anyone in the same umbral area likely gets swarmed by various forms of Weaver spirits.

    3.) Part of the umbral landscape shifts gravity. It becomes possible to literally fall "down the road".

    4.) While we're on the subject of umbral mindscrews: Yeah.

    5.) You shift your senses only and can't get them back quickly.

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    6.) You bounce off the Gauntlet awkwardly and end up entering the Dreaming instead of the Umbra. Better hope no one nearby watched A Nightmare on Elm Street today!


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      7.) Steps sideways normally -- into the Shadowlands. The rest of the not-pack shows up in the Penumbra minus the hapless Garou. The Theurge steps back to the real world and confirms that dude isn't there either. While the Theurge is doing this, another not-packmate finds a TV set in a Penumbral-store with snow / white-noise and hears dude calling out for the rest of them ala "Poltergeist" ("Carol-Anne! Don't go into the light!"). Aaaaaaaand, now they need to find a Silent Strider to come rescue him.

      8.) Winds up in weird Umbral realm that looks at first to be kind of like the Penumbra but is actually the Bone Gnawers' favorite spot: Television-Land. And the characters are actually wandering around one of the Silent Hill videogames.


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        9) You are stuck neither here nor there, a hazy moonlit phantasm that can be seen in low light and darkness and heard as a whisper but can't physically touch anything. This applies to both sides of the Gauntlet, and lasts until the next rising or setting of the sun (depending on when this happens), at which point the character is spit out on one side or the other.

        10) Your senses are translated into the Penumbra but your body is not. To anyone in the material world, you appear to be disoriented, hallucinating, or delusional. Lasts for the rest of the scene.
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