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What to fill a Magpies Swag or spiders Satchel with.

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    their are real life Tablets and E readers that can access networks without wifi.


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      Originally posted by Prince of the Night View Post
      their are real life Tablets and E readers that can access networks without wifi.
      :O I haven't seen them. How do they connect?


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        by spending LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of money into them.

        You have spend a lot more when you buy the tablet then have to buy Data Usage in Gigs.

        My Kindle Oasis is an E reader that can download Novels and self help books without too much space without wifi.

        But still needs Wifi to download Manga.
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          Originally posted by Illithid View Post
          :O I haven't seen them. How do they connect?

          They connect to the cel network. You can get tablets that are 4g compatable.. really they are just really big smart phones at that point. OF course that leaves the same issues there Fera do tend to end up seriously off the grid.


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            Do you need a plan for it to work?

            I realized I've got a device that connects on the 3g without a plan, but it does'nt us much data at all


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              I think so it can get expensive.

              oh an idea?

              2 Revolvers

              one loaded with Silver bullets other with mundane bullets so you don't waste silver but don't have to take time loading it.

              (Getting another Revolver out of the Satchel will be quicker)


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                Don't forget the Gnosis drain of silver in general though.
                In general - why is any character planning on killing other werewolves unless they're specifically on a hunt for a BSD. I mean, what other reason are you carrying silver for?


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                  the guy is the First Camazotz to Return in Centuries

                  and is being hunted down by a Dancer Pack hoping to kill him before the breed can proliferate again.

                  A Shadow Lord whos tutored him gave him 6 Silver Bullets


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                    In that specific situation, then yeah it makes plenty of sense.

                    ** Do Camatosz have an issue with Gold like the Corax or Silver because they're more a moon child?


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                      They have an issue with Silver the Shadowlord in question once Traced his skin just barely with a silver coin To let him feel how hard it burned.

                      Reason he was given a spiders Satchel was because he kept traveling by wing,to stay off the Dancers Radar and the ShadowLord Wanted him to be able to take some nondedicated stuff with