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Shit Flows Downhill is BROKEN!

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  • Shit Flows Downhill is BROKEN!

    it adds up to the Gnosis of the Yeren to the difficulty

    it doesn't cap it at 9


    Blur of the Milky eye is a lot dicier

    it should be something that has to be rolled.

    I know That the designers and playtesters were probably presupposing relatively new new Yeren but any with a Gnosis of 6 or 7 will really be untouchable. because of a level 1 Gift.

    Am I wrong to see a problem in that.
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    What is 'Shit Flows Downhill' ?


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      A yeren Gift from page 175 Book of the Wyrm 20.

      Its a gift I feel is overpowered obviously

      it adds your gnosis to the difficulty of any roll trying to dig up dirt on you.

      making you practicly untouchable.


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        You point the finger at a subordinate and they take the flak for an activity. You get the positive, they get the negative.

        They're blaming a mortal and long term investigation showing that it's always people under their power that are doing wrong. Eventually someone will pick that the boss is making them/encouraging them to do the wrong thing, or employing people who will.

        It means PCs can't use one power to sort out a problem, but have to piece together a trend of happenings, it makes them a good Villian.

        *It also doesn't affect digging up dirt as such, only each activity they have spent the Gnosis on and activated the gift. This leaves a trail of corruption following them from position to position, company to company.


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          The gifts power itsel seems okay, but sure, the last sentence is ... a design flaw. Firstly because Gnosis is a trait that goes towards 10 and because of that the difficulty for any other gift is going through the roof. Also, the increase in difficulty is kind of implying that all the gifts/powers that would link to the Yeren were mal-balanced in the first place and needed a huge difficulty boost, so yeren wouldn
          t be found out to quickly.

          I agree the gift is unbalanced.

          EDIT: come to think of it, the question is how to handle ongoing actions. The yeren is dumping oil barrels in a lake, but has the gift used on his human driver. Natrually the garou want to kill these guys (a negative social consequence and blame). They actually see them (a non-supernatural enquiry). Still they can't find evidence of him being involved.
          Nah, that isn't the intend, but funny to think about.
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            In the situation, the Yeren would just come out smelling of Roses; he was coming along for the ride to chat with the driver, he had no idea that there was anything bad in the barrels, it looked

            He'd still have Wyrm taint as a Mockery Breed, could be questioned about other things that give away general guilt


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              Originally posted by Illithid View Post
              He'd still have Wyrm taint as a Mockery Breed, could be questioned about other things that give away general guilt
              But as the "Sense Wyrm isn't Sense Evil" sidebar in iirc ST Handbook revised tells us, that Taint isn't enough.

              And if the Yeren had made use of the gift extensivly and all those parts of his general guilt have to be substracted, then there isn't much general guilt to begin with.

              On the other hand, garou might feel that if they kill the driver in crinos, the yeren has to go to protect the Veil...
              I mean, if they just see him as an unguilty human, who is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Some garou are quite direct in such cases.