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  • Question regarding '' Beast Within''...


    In W20, page 145 (under the section ''Rage'') there is a paragraph that states:

    '' • Beast Within: Occasionally, a Garou is more a snarling monster
    than man or beast, and she must pay the price for it. For every point
    of Rage a character has above her Willpower rating, she loses one
    die on all social-interaction rolls. People, even other werewolves,
    can sense the killer hiding just under her skin, and they don’t want
    to be anywhere near it.''

    Are we talking:

    Permanent Rage rating compared to permanent Willpower rating


    Temporary Rage rating compared to temporary Willpower rating?

    If it's the first situation, I find that it's bring a permanent social problem to a character and there is no way he can '' cool it down '' when necessary.

    If it's the second situation, I find that a character can indeed go and ''cool it down'' when he feels that way and come back when he's more calm.

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    The "Willpower rating" is the permanent rating. The "for every point of Rage" above the Willpower rating is both the permanent Rage rating and the temporary Rage points (since Rage points can occasionally exceed the Rage rating).

    You are correct in both interpretations and that is intentional. Characters with higher permanent Rage than permanent Willpower are always loose canons and generally unpleasant to be around.


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      If you really want to mess with your characters, make it against temporary willpower but as ThomasM said, it's the worst of Perm Rage or Temp Rage compared to Perm Willpower.