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ApeCrafts Blessings is it good for...

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  • ApeCrafts Blessings is it good for...

    gifts powerful and broadly applicable

    something I wondered...

    Is it good for...

    Carpentry since your using tools to carve the wood

    Making a skupture since your using a tool to chip away excess marble.


    Farming since your using tools through a lot of it


    Last three in particular are problematic as you use tools through part, but not the entirety of it.

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    While this is naturally the sort of issue that one should address with their ST on a case-by-case basis and every ST will certainly have their own interpretations, each of which could be perfectly valid at their own tables, here is my take:

    Apecraft's Blessing is meant to grant the practicioner with skill and aid when using the tools and objects of human creation. So after the appropriate moment of consideration and concentration of the blessing and invoking the gift. With this in mind I'd have to say:

    1. I would rule in favor of allowing Apecraft's Blessing. Carpentry is a craft that both heavily relies upon crafted tools and furthermore is used to craft itself. You should be good.

    2. I can see how this might be considered more abstract, but the tools of an artist are still tools of man. I'd say that the art of using tools to craft natural stone into artificial shapes would qualify for Apecraft's Blessing.

    3. This one is probably the trickiest on your list, but I would tentatively say that yes, Apecraft's Blessing would apply. ST's should still be careful in their handling of this though. It qualifying relies on the user having access to medical equipment (even if it's improvised and crude) and requires that equipment to function. It also should be noted that Apecraft's Blessing will offer no supernatural healing benefit to medicine, it simply enhances the users ability to appropriately use the tools at hand. The user is still limited by the tool's capabilities, even if they can potentially reach those tools maximum performance.

    4. Yeah, probably. Maybe not for low level gardening on your hands and knees, but for anything that's trowel size and up, probably.

    5. Yeah, I'd say that most conventional cooking methods require enough use of tools to apply for Apecraft's Blessing.

    This can potentially make Apecraft's Blessing very powerful, as OP mentioned, so it's important to recall a few things. First, it takes a full action and simultaneous activation roll to use. Second, It's effect applies to the immediate next check the user makes, that's applicable. Finally, on a less mechanical note, there's something the ST should remember. Spirits expect their gifts to be treated with respect and are notoriously vain & fickle. If one of your player's is being real cheesy with their use of Apecraft's Blessing, using it for everything or for things with no purpose, even to the abstract mind of a spirit, it's very reasonable that the power may be limited or countered by the peeved spirits until such time as they have been appeased once more...


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      You don't think a Spirit would consider "Keeping my job" a Valid Reason?

      If a Kinfolk in particular qualified to learn the gift Spirits probaly feel he deserves Prosperity and more effectively Repairing Video game CDs or Systems will help him maintain his personal prosperity.

      A kinfolk or Garou doing monkey wrenching might even work as a janitor.


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        I'm not saying that at all, I'm just saying that depending on what sort of spirit granted the power, they may take poorly to flippant or frivolous usage of their spiritual gift.


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          oh so Seeking to maintain ones job is not a flippant or frivolous use.

          oh would it work with a slot machine?

          I went with my mom to a tribal casino once... saw a Slot machine with a Sakura Motiff I decided to ignore my mom instructions to only bet up to a $ at a time to make my freeplay last.

          I wound up $70 richer

          My mom was willing to forgive ignoring her instructions but wanted to keep my winnings till we got back hom where she gave them back to me.

          I was drawn to Sakura Motiff because Im both A an otaku B: am experimenting with Shinto.


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            A slot machine I would personally rule would not apply. The Apecraft's Blessing grants the user enhanced capacity for using manmade tools and while a slot machine is certainly artificial, this use of it is not really something that the gift can affect in my mind. Slots rely upon luck and this gift has nothing to do with that. All this would do is ensure that the slot machine certainly performed its intended purpose, to spin its wheels rapidly and occasionally deliver quantities of money.

            As far as using it for one's occupation, I'd say it would depend on the occupation and spirits involved. An ancestor might be perfectly pleased with their descendants occupation, but if they aren't and they see it as dishonorable for some reason, they most likely will make their ire known. This is typically when one calls the nearest theurge.


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              oh would it apply to lockpicking? Everything I can think of says Yes.


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                Almost certainly, yes.


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                  just wondered?

                  If your a kinfolk working as a homemaker which gifts probably more handy?


                  or Apecrafts Blessings?


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                    Originally posted by Prince of the Night View Post
                    just wondered?

                    If your a kinfolk working as a homemaker which gifts probably more handy?


                    or Apecrafts Blessings?

                    Apecrafts blessing. It basically makes EVERYTHING easier.


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                      Lets see cooking cleaning Driving a car...

                      Sewing Does a needle and thread count as tools?

                      Had a funny incident happen lately?

                      A PC was behind the wheel

                      I almost on a whim made them roll Dex+Drive in a situation I should have abstracted.

                      And they failed a Difficulty 6 roll in spite of having 6 dice in their pool

                      The Player thinks the dice roller on RPOL is wyrm tainted.
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