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If Pentex found out about Samsa

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  • If Pentex found out about Samsa

    If pentex found out about Samsa's ability to Reform after dissolving into a swarm of cockroaches

    What do you think they'd do about it?

    Shrug their shoulders and do nothing?

    Try to exploit the ability for gathering Reconnisance

    or see the Samsa Experiment as not quite an absolute failure and reopening it tinkering some more with the genome to see if they could get them to take the swarm form more readily.

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    I think it might mean they'd go hunting for them, so you wouldn't experience them in most games or have them be as feasible (As little as it starts as) in a game as a PC.. Or even NPC.

    So it'd be like they didn't exist for a lot longer.

    Maybe they could refine it so they have the power at will, like the Ananasi, because the cost of a permanent (Gnosis, WP? Can't remember right now) is pretty harsh

    Where that would go long term? What could they do that the other assets that Pentex have can't, or could do better for than the current Assets?
    Assassination maybe, getting in and out becomes a lot easier.
    Information gathering, with a good memory they could gather intel and split once they're located. Reform later and tell people what they found.

    But Samsa don't have the mental stability to be reliable at that. and enough Fomori could be better assassins or intel gatherers, possibly with returning info telepathically or the like. And they're disposable enough that they don't need to be returned for another mission.

    So honestly, I Don't think Pentex would be any better off.
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      not permanent gnosis they gain a NEW Derrangement.


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        When a Samsa takes lethal or aggravated damage in her last health box she automatically spends one permanent Willpower dot and dissolves into a thousand cockroaches scrambling in all directions..... Each use of this power inflicts another permanent Derangement on the Samsa.
        It's Both, survival is a harsh mistress
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          fair point I Think it would cause them to reexamine things.

          one thing? The mockery breeds are NOT equal

          I don't think a game of all the breeds together would work.


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            I like samsa, but they aren't very impressive as it is. unlike to really impact things.