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  • Bastet - Den Realm

    Hello party people,

    My question is that when a Bastet creates a Den Realm without the Rank 4 gift Walking Between Worlds, they obviously can go into their own pocket realm and bring a friend over to kick it, etc, right?

    So, once they are in their den realm, are they able from there to just go for a walk and explore the rest of the Umbra in that general vicinity? So example: I create a Den Realm on a beach and the city is about 2 miles away, can I walk to the city from my Den Realm? Or am I like in a magical box where I can see the city, but I bounce off an invisible wall?

    Would love the insight!


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    From my Understanding you Den Realm is like a pocket realm of the Umbra so you won't see the rest of the Penumbra from there. And yes you don't need Walking Between Worlds to enjoy your Realm with friends.

    It is a time for great deeds!