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Kinfolk: Callow to Kenning

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  • Kinfolk: Callow to Kenning

    how would The Garou Probaly Handle the transition of Kinfolk from Callow to Kenning.

    Ideas on ways to maximize the odds of the transition going smoothly

    And not the Kin going insane and thinking that their Garou kin are "Monsters!" Their Called on to hunt and slay.

    Ideas on a good Die roll To get Kin to have a Sane Reaction to the news

    Ideas of how Persuasion can help them?

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    Role play it out with a Charisma Persuasion roll if earnestly doing so or Manipulation + Persuasion if handling them. Start by showing Glabro form or Lupus form, Hispo and Crinos are a bit intense as an intro to the supernatural. Also consider showing other supernatural powers like making fire or reshaping objects before showing Bear Sized Monsterman form.

    Personally I import 3rd Edition Exalted's Social System, its hard to go back to a higgledy-piggledy no systems for social interactions.

    It is a time for great deeds!


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      Curious what ability is Persuasion ?

      Far as I know its a gift.

      any gifts other then infallible argument of l ogic that can be used to 'Rehabilitate' a Kinfolk whos run away from a position as a breeder, or decided their heritage is a curse?


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        Originally posted by Prince of the Night View Post
        Curious what ability is Persuasion ?

        Far as I know its a gift.

        any gifts other then infallible argument of l ogic that can be used to 'Rehabilitate' a Kinfolk whos run away from a position as a breeder, or decided their heritage is a curse?
        I keep forgetting which abilities exist in which games, I believe persuasion is an ability in Vampire and Changeling. Oh what is the equivalent talent then in werewolf?

        It is a time for great deeds!


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          not sure



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            Persuasion is an ability in CofD/nWoD not in any WoD game I know of.


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              Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, you could use Etiquette, Empathy, Expression, Intimidation, or Subterfuge. All could work on convincing someone, depending on the circumstances.

              I am not familiar with the terms Callow or Kenning, but I am assuming you mean taking someone who is Kinfolk but ignorant about the Garou and the supernatural in general, and making them not only aware of the supernatural, but also favorable to the Garou.

              There a wide variety of tactics that could be used, all depending on the circumstances. However, I think in general, you would want to proceed in stages.

              1) Make them aware that the supernatural exists. They should come to that conclusion themselves. Figuring that out on their own will make it easier for them on the other stages. And it also means one less shock to take when they finally realize their friend/family is a Garou.

              2) There are terrible monsters out there. I think this is critical. There needs to be a bad guy(s) that they fear so they'll come to accept the Garou as a protector. This likely means manipulating to some degree to put themselves some what at risk. Not enough to kill or physically damage them, but enough to install fear on them. They need to witness for themselves (or come to expect) that there are vampires feeding on people, or that radioactive mutant ghouls roam the sewers, or that a Satanic circle of sorcerers are harming people.

              3) There are "good" creatures out there that protect humanity from these monsters. These are werewolves. Maybe they witness a Garou (or giant wolf, or normal wolf) destroying a monster, or helping someone from danger (perhaps even them). This is important that they equate werewolves with protection and safety, not danger and fear. Or perhaps they find evidence in the form of books, found footage, or something else that makes that connection for them.

              4) I am one of those werewolves. The Garou reveals himself to his friend/family.

              Putting this all together at once could be too much for many people. So you want to draw out the shock in stages so that when you reveal yourself, they are only dealing with one thing.


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                your right on callow to kenning

                Intuition? Think it could play into things

                What about those kinfolk who already know of their heritage and have rejected it believing they are "Cursed by the devil" or some such rubbish.

                any way to cure them other then infallible argument of logic.


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                  The first question is why did they reject their heritage?

                  Did it just seem so strange and mysterious that they got spooked and rejected it out of panic?
                  Did they witness a violent and horrific act by a Garou that caused them to be morally disgusted, or feel unsafe?
                  Did they feel that Garou were being abusive in their relationship with other kinfolk, and wanted to remove themselves to be free of that abuse?
                  Did they have kind of intellectual or spiritual belief that categorized the Garou religious beliefs or practices as unwholesome, evil, dangerous, or wrong?
                  Did they have information regarding their family's historical experiences with Garou as being oppressive or dangerous, and didn't want that happening to them?

                  I am sure there are more general categories of reasons that would cause a kinfolk to reject the Garou. So I don't think there is a general or easy answer. It is about the Garou - perhaps through another kinfolk intermediary - reestablishing personal trust with the kinfolk, and then hoping they can address their specific concerns. Honestly, there would be greatly different difficulties involved in doing this. I can see some kinfolk never rejoining the community absent supernatural mind control of some kind. Others could be integrated without too much difficulty or effort provided their reasons for leaving were ultimately based on wrong information. It all depends on the specifics.

                  However, I think there are many things about Garou society which would alienate or frighten kinfolk, especially those who came from outside Garou culture and thus are more likely to question things.


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                    Im thinking the Fourth reason mostly

                    You know the big bad Christian upbringing.