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The Atrocity Realm

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  • The Atrocity Realm

    Running some players across the atrocity realm to get into the Atrocity library. I've never had experience with this realm and information is limited. If any of you have ever dealt with this realm in the past. What kind of threats did you have the players deal with or that you dealt with? And how did you deal with leaving the realm? I'm just kind of stuck on this. one.

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    I have them confront any atrocities they've committed in play, during a fade to Black frenzy, or even their first change. I then have bane's that feed upon those actions to tie their mistakes to the Wyrm (all the better if they made a conscious choice they regret).

    To leave the realm all the character has to do is "die" via loss of Rage, Willpower, and Gnosis or by one of the manifestations of the realm (once again you can make this difficult because banes can still actually kill the character).