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Lupus are not hard to play- a counterargument on perspective

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    Originally posted by Wilson View Post
    Don't forget that homids and metis deal aggravated damage with their claws while in lupus form, which lupus don't. That alone, in my opinion, is something like a 1-point flaw.
    I did forget this. I think it's quite silly though, but those are the rules. I don't think lupus form should do aggravated damage regardless of breed. It's a strange distinction to make in the game. But it certainly affects balancing game mechanics between breeds.

    Also, lupus characters in homid form will get burned with aggravated damage for simply touching silver, so be careful not to shake hands with anyone wearing a silver ring, and rue the day you get invited to dinner and they give you silverwear to eat with.
    True, but I think mostly irrelevant and easily compensated by not receiving aggravated damage from silver in wolf form. There are certain things one accepts by selecting the breed of their character, and this has to be one of them. I don't believe it is significant enough that it is a game mechanics balance issue.


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      The damage by Breed stuff is kind of a wash across the Breeds rather than any sort of balancing factor. Though it's mostly just small complications that are frequently ignored because people forget about them. Also it means training Homids and Metis in how to fight as wolves is insanely dangerous.


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        Different tribes have different willpower scores, yet no one really seems to care about CoGs 4 to other tribes' 3. I get that Gnosis is important and homids get 1 to lupus 5, but I feel this 'balancing' at some point gets a bit too far. Especially as in the end, you can cheese any breed, auspice or tribe. Yeah, lupus have 5 gnosis (which I don't agree with still), but in the end how correct one plays the lupus is a very tiny thing in the grand scheme of things. WoD is about the story, and the player who wants to cheese a lupus will not be a very good player in the long run.

        In any case, the point of this thread was still to encourage people that playing a lupus is not that hard, as you don't need to be 100% realistic with them.

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