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Can a Garou learn the Akashic Martial Art Do?

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    Originally posted by PunkManiak View Post
    I think they are meant to be more of a tempting or corrupting influence. Since my character refuses to give in to his baser instincts.
    A barabbus perhaps. Tear of his head and burn the pieces to be sure.


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      What I'm reading here its a very suspicious Akashic. Give In to his darker nature? I mean a modern mage using Jungan approach to magic may try something like that, but even those guys wouldn't tell to just 'give in' to darker impulses and act on them. For a follower of Do that is essentially an alien approach and mindset.

      Of course don't let this corrupt game with OOC knowledge. Try to get to the bottom of his motivation IC. Maybe try to find other mages and crosscheck? I see recommendations to attack him... to me a mage that wouldn't be ready for such when interacting with werewolves is a very strange thing indeed.


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        To be more explicit and precise, /SHE/ wants him to remove self-imposed limits from himself. Not so much give in, but remove self-imposed limits.


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          I think there's a point where we can only say so much that's useful because it's not clear the game your in is holding to Mage as written.

          So the general question of "can Garou even learn Do" can be addressed simply as, "yes." How much your ST wants to hold the largely RP based constraints of how/if/should that happen isn't something we can really know.