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Mockery Breeds and the Ahadi/Beast Courts

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  • Mockery Breeds and the Ahadi/Beast Courts

    Hey i was thinking something about the Ahadi and their tenet "All Are Welcome at the Fire" and the write up of The Kerasi specifically. Where Pentex is trying to make em infiltrate/interact with Gaian shifters since they can mask their taint. Now my question is this, let's say that a Samsa with the help of Cockroach or a Kerasi((or hell maybe even an Anurana)) managed to go through the Dawning Ritual or whatever the ritual is for joining the Beast Courts(i don't remember it). What would happen to said Mockery Breed after having been accepted in my a spirit patron/joined a kganmadi or a sentai

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    Maybe the Spirit Eradicates them entirely

    Maybe it completely excises their taint.

    I don't think it would be possible to "Infiltrate" either organization long term.


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      About joining the Ahadi:
      From the Dawning Ritual: "weave a link between the caern’s spirit and the general network of spirit-patrons of the Ahadi — the local spirit becomes a representative for the judgment of the spirit world as a whole."

      I don't think an inherent trait, "Don't have Wyrm-stink." would be able to fool the mass of the Ahadi's spirit patrons. But if one of the Mockery Breed behave as the spirits seems fit (hard, 'cause they don't have Gaia/Luna given place/task & there is no Packt between them) she would be able to join.

      About the Henkeyokai:
      The extreamly strickt social-behavioral system of the Courts would make it quite impossible. Even Gaia-following, Renown hoarding western werewolfs aren't easily welcomed.

      About what would happen with the Mockery?
      I *think* nothing special. For example The Kerasi wouldn't be able learn Gifts, as their spirit is inherently flawed.


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        They need to epic quest to become true and whole as a Fera for it to have a chance.

        It is a time for great deeds!