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Werewolf: The Savage Age Vol. 1

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  • Werewolf: The Savage Age Vol. 1

    We're back to announce more ancient Garou mythology! Did you know that the Silent Striders weren't always Garou? What did the Grondr do before the Wyrm had full power? Explore and expand your chronicle with this journey into the World of Darkness' most ancient nights. More Fera and content to come!
    The Savage Age Vol: 1 Features:
    • Charater-focused rules and setting background for playing in the War of Rage.
    • An in-depth discussion of the Apis, Grondr, Anupu-Ba-El, and Neanderthals. New mechanics, including in-theme Gifts and Rites.
    • Expanded mechanics for the Khara.
    • New original art.
    • New legends focused on the creation of the Fera, their Gaian mandates, and the War of Rage.
    • Extensive advice for playing in the dawn of civilization.
    • Writers' and editor's notes that discusses design decisions.

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    what do you mean by Neanderthals, like views on Neanderthal rather then homo sapien shifters, or like homo sapiens that unamazingly can shapeshift into neanderthals. :P

    It is a time for great deeds!


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      Neanderthals as opposed to Homo Sapiens shapeshifters. They get a handful of Neanderthal-themed Gifts to add to the general Homid Gift Lists while certain anachronistic Gifts are removed.

      Open the gates of Hell: Random Demon Generator.

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