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  • Fomori-Bane Evolution

    So I think they should go more into the Bane Host relationship with Fomori, and what happens to Banes after Fomori are killed. Some books indicate that the banes survive and just are reborn in spawning pits, I find this boring and counter productive. Other books indicate they die, this is more tenable for the setting but could be tweaked to be more interesting.

    So basically I think Banes for one become Fomori because it is in their nature, and two become fomori as a trade off, they risk their potentially immortal existences in exchange for evolving as their host gains power/loses autonomy.

    I am just at a crossroads for how the Bane would exit Fomordom without being destroyed in the process.

    One idea could be if the Fomor doesn't get slaughtered and just dies of natural causes, as in natural for a fomori so their mutations and flaws over take them like their tumors grow to rampant, or their hunger develops too much, and cannot be sustained. But if slaughtered say by a Garou the Bane will die/

    So most Fomori will die violently, with some dying from terminal mutation and advancing the Bane somewhat. This makes Fomordom like a state of chrysalis, where you are fragile but transform.

    A method of even further advancement is if the Bane Host relationship reaches a point where the host consciously agrees to sacrifice their soul more and more to the bane, represented as Autonomy in the Possessed Revised book. This could lead to a greater advancement for the Bane, especially if they completely devour their hosts soul, or their hosts cultivate supernatural powers such as Psychic powers (where the bane advances with the host) or even sorcerery (the host gains dark knowledge either through a greater demon or from just studying forbidden wisdom which passes to the Bane).

    I feel there is a lot more potential untapped in a lot of aspects of Werewolf that the books haven't touched upon or only briefly touched upon.

    For extreme cases you may even have a barely a mote gaffling of I don't know lets go with hate possessing a college student with a rival, maybe just giving them bloodshot evil eyes. Over their career as a Mockery they evolve by loosing more and more Autonomy, eventually starting a cult and sacrificing people to a Primordial demon found in a burial ground abandoned by the Uktena, their hunger forces them to only live off of brains and their sacrifices earn the favor of the Greater bane which over time upgrades the Mockery internally and externally, they develop a Third Wyrmish Eye which unlocks powers over curses and reading minds, and after the host dies as walking mouth piece of glossolalia succumbing to an aneurysm from their swollen tumor ridden cranium. They now are more then just a minor unaware hate gaffling and are now Glrvvgh He-Who-Glares and can right off the bat give a host an array of starting powers, and is actually free to choose to corrupt someone into a host rather then bumbling into a host in its idiot wanderings.

    Or even a Hermetic sells their soul to a Brood Queen from the Deep Umbra, an egg is laid in their soul. The Mage also receives tutelage and investments from her Queen. The Hermetic eventually becomes a master and than an Archmage forever shunted into the Umbra, eventually the mage can't live forever, gives birth too her own brood of Ferectoi children over the centuries and eventually wastes away not able to achieve true immortality. The mortal coil that served as the Centuries aged cocoon is shunted off, and the inverted Avatar goes off to be reincarnated but the Soul and Bane are in an inexorable union. They become a new Brood Queen, perhaps a being of Incarna level, or set to grow into Incarna level?

    Also it would be interesting if we had just some crunch and fluff on Banes growing by eating other spirits, like the Storm Eater.

    It is a time for great deeds!

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    In my chronicles, I ruled that if banes are still in their fomori bodies when the formori is killed, the bane goes into slumber and reforms in Malfeas or wherever is appropriate. If the bane leaves the fomori before it is killed, then the bane now exists as a spirit in the umbra and can attempt to get away. Of course, Garou could attack and defeat the bane in the umbra, at which point... it goes into slumber. The fomori of course, once the bane is gone, goes back to being a normal human, but likely dies. Either from the wounds he's received, or from whatever taint he had that allowed the bane to possess him in the first place. But it might be possible to save the person's life depending on specifics.

    I don't think spirits, including banes, can ever be "destroyed." They just go into slumber for whatever time period. Depending on the spirit and what its correspondences are, it might be a short time or a very, very long time.

    I do think it is possible for banes to increase in power by various means of doing its "job" better. There is lots of folklore of minor demons and such climbing the career ladder by successfully completing its nefarious missions. I'm not sure that all banes are concerned about the souls of its victims. Some "banes" are. But a lot of banes seem based on concepts that don't really involve trying to corrupt people, but accomplish some other mission.


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      I like the idea of the bane gaining power or evolve in some way if the fomorer dies of "natural" causes.