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  • A Tribe Fallen

    It's quiet in here, so I figured I'd throw out an idea to maybe get people's juices flowing:

    If another tribe were to fall to the Wyrm (or Weaver but that's a bit of a 1-horse race) within, let's say, the next decade, who do y'all think it would be?

    For my money, I'd guess either the Red Talons, Get of Fenris, or Wendigo

    As a secondary point I suppose, here's something that could be neat. For an alt-WoD setting, what tribe would you like to see fall to the Wyrm either instead of or along with the White Howlers? Also, would you ever consider having a tribe, such as the Red Talons for example, fall to the Wyld?

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    Black Furies might “fall” to the Wyld, but that wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing.


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      I'd agree that it would probably be more welcome to the Nation then another victory for the Wyrm, although I don't think Wyld-tainted garou are going to be a very good thing for the Garou Nation in the long run either.

      I'd imagine that if they became aspects of a mad Wyld the way that the other members of the triat are mad, they'd probably be just as naturally destructive as they are creative, which may have the adverse effect of feeding the Wyrm, though it would probably help in combatting the Weaver.


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        Glass-Walkers will definitely fall to the Weaver soon. Some tribe-members already revere it if you want to Headcanon it.

        Jade Kingdom Warrior


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          Aye, there's really no contest when it comes to tribes falling to the Weaver, the Glass Walkers are far and away in that count. The only ones I can think that might even kinda be in contention as well might be the Bone Gnawers, Children of Gaia, Shadow Lords, & Silver Fangs. The former two because of proximity to humanity (scions of the Weaver that they are) and the latter because of their near religious obsession with hierarchy.


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            Bone Gnawers.

            There's various signs that there is something serious wrong with the tribe. It doesn't pay much attention to the Litany. It makes lot of deals with vampires. Their totem, Rat, is acting increasingly strangely. A large number of the tribe (the Rabble), have effectively abandoned the struggle for Gaia. There is large enough numbers of Man Eaters that it is a camp of the tribe.

            Now, most of the evidence dates from the first/second edition era which presented a more multi-faceted depiction of the tribes. Much of the wrong found in the Gnawers (and that of other tribes as well) was jettisoned in Revised edition which became more explicitly heroic high fantasy.


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              That's very fair and that actually makes me wanna ask a question because I hadn't known that some of those kind of aspects had been dropped from 2e.

              (I also feel vindicated for the Time of Judgement chronicle I'm running where I chose the Bone Gnawers as the tribe to fall X D)

              What other sort of tribe lore of that kind do you know about that got dropped going into revised?


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                Yes, but I read somewhere that the Wyld is the only member of the Triat that was not driven insane the way the Weaver and the Wyrm were. On the other hand, the Wyld is not really a benevolent mother goddess the way Gaia is either.


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                  Aye, as it is currently the Wyld is the most Gaia friendly member of the triat but even then the Wyld can and does inadvertently undercut and injure Gaian interests purely as a force of unbridled creation and expression.


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                    Very true.

                    Random question: what do you think of the idea of the Black Furies taking the moon goddess Artemis as their Totem instead of Pegasus?


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                      I could certainly see it and it would make sense, although part of me wonders if it might be seen as too overt a connection to Luna and be looked down upon as vying for prefential treatment.

                      Honestly though, I can definitely see an alt-WoD with Artemis as the Black Fury tribal totem, though I do think Pegasus is neat and has cool lore.


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                        That's a very good point.

                        I read the Black Fury Tribebook (along with the Silver Fangs and the Shadow Lords, they're my fave tribe) and it mentioned something about Artemis being their original Totem.


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                          Huh, I did not know that. Well hey, all the more reason that it could be an interesting setting exploration.

                          The first difference that comes to mind for me is that Artemis might not share Pegasus' more forgiving policy towards male metis, given I believe that part of that came from Pegasus having sympathy to them as a 'fellow gelded'.


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                            Very good point. Also, Artemis was a virgin goddess, so she might encourage the Black Furies to be even more androphobic than they currently are.


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                              Aye, that is certainly a possibility, although I'll admit that I don't know enough about everything the mythological Artemis had going on for sure to know all the ways she might affect the tribe's altered development.