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    Originally posted by Gryffon15 View Post
    White Wolf did a lot of great stuff and giving more priority to the fera, particularly the Bastet, in Asia certainly makes sense, but I still can't help but feel like having the Stargazers carry the mantle of being 'the Asian tribe' is a but unfortunate.
    And that never made any sense. And it wasn't true in the early editions. It was just a result of White Wolf's later misguided attempt to take contemporary notions of multiculturalism and force them into the system without any regard to common sense (something that plagued Vampire as well). I think much of that was due to laziness of subsequent writers who could milk a lot more content of an easy hook like "take an existing human culture and transplant it" rather than "take the tribal core concept and its totem, and think how it can fit almost anywhere". I also think a problem was is that while they were creating books that were meant to describe the tribes or Garou everywhere around the world, their company and audience was primarily North American so both in terms of what the writers knew and what their audience expected would lead to a an overemphasis on things centered around North America.

    While the Stargazers were mentioned to have journeyed to the Far East as part of their quest for enlightenment and contemplation (albeit at a time thousands of years before the rise of any civilizations and cultures there so it couldn't be for human ideas of such), the tribe also went to any remote place where they could be alone for meditation. I always considered their "home" to be desolate, but beautiful mountain tops where they could gaze at the night sky. So I expected them to be at the Himalayas. I also expected them to be at the Alps, the Caucasus, and later the Rockies, Not to mention other areas.

    I think a critical mistake was in Caerns: Places of Power when White Wolf decided to be cute and rename the Glass Walkers and Shadow Lords who lived in China and Japan into terms that sounded more foreign. That, which was done simply to provide some flavor, lead to all sorts of terrible ideas later on that they weren't really members of those tribes.

    I think another crucial error was when they finally got to the Silver Fang tribebook, they created multiple Royal Houses for Europe and North America, but really neglected Asia sticking them with only one house (or two if you include the Middle East). Prior to the tribebook, how many kings or royal houses there were was kept fairly nebulous. Reading the first edition material, I got the impression there were a lot more kings/houses than what it turned out being done. Simply by dropping a few more Silver Fang royal houses to divide up the Far East, you can fix that.

    In my chronicles, while I've never set a game in East Asia or even included it as any kind of element in the greater story (which could be easily done through moon bridges and requiring certain plot coupons), I have filled in East Asia with the existing tribes and jettisoned all the elements I've disliked in late second edition and revised (such as the Beast Courts).

    So while the Stargazers are there, I have almost all the other tribes there as well. I imagine the Shadow Lords as being the primary tribe/wolves along the Eurasian Great Steppe (just as the Silver Fangs are the wolves of the taiga to the north of them; the temperate forests inbetween are mixed). So they cover much of Central Asia and Mongolia. And because they are the dominant tribe in Japan, they are also well represented in Korea as the bridge by which they got there. Black Furies were inspired by Amazon legends which are actually peoples of the horse riding steppes as well, so western China in Xinjiang which used to have the Tocharians and now the Turkic peoples is one of their normal stomping grounds. And the Glass Walkers, Bone Gnawers, and Children of Gaia - always being based on concepts than ethnic groups - are there. Since rats originated in Southeast Asia, it'd be really strange if the Bone Gnawers weren't found in the Far East. And Children of Gaia can easily fit into the land of Lao Tzu and Taoism. And there's no reason why the Red Talons can't be there other than the typical issue of staging their septs in remote locations with minimal humans and a local population of wolves. And I've already mentioned adding a few Silver Fang royal houses. That's already 8 tribes that should be there.

    And since the two North American tribes could not have had a presence, we've accounted for everything except the Fianna, Get of Fenris, and Silent Striders. And while based in North Africa, the Striders are wanderers so there's no reason not to have them found in China either.

    So that only leaves the two tribes with the heaviest basis in European cultures. But deer are found everywhere, and the "big, bad wolf" is an archetype. So while these tribes don't have many members in the Far East, it'd be very easy to say that there are still some remnant populations from when the tribes first formed thousands of years ago that kept their traditions before they began to consolidate in certain regions for safety in numbers. And there isn't any reason you can't pull a Hakken and show how a "European" tribe developed in lands far from the standard culture. From a Garou perspective, tribes should be based around Totems, not a human culture. Certainly lupus in a tribe wouldn't be based on human culture, except so far that it has bled over from the local kinfolk culture from their homid counterparts.

    So in my humble opinion, there isn't any need for additional "indigenous" tribes to fill out East Asia. You just need to apply some common sense, and you'll find some very easy things to diversify.


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      Originally posted by Yaoi Huntress Earth View Post
      Dog Tribal Totem
      I don't have a Dog Tribe, but I do have some Ronin attempting to "get back" to the Garou Nation by the expedient of finding a new tribal totem that they can win over. And Dog is one the possible candidates they are considering. Other candidates for this group of Ronin include the totems that have always been present in the Corebooks, but which have never had tribes like Boar and Raven. Maybe even Bear. It's really a question of which Totem spirit is willing to adopt them and start empowering new gifts and rites. While I haven't given it a really deep delve on working this out, I know that somewhere in my chronicle setting there are ronin packs with these totems, and some old abandoned/lost rank1 caerns (of those same totems) these ronin have found and started working again, having moots and such. But it'll be a long time before they can possibly turn that into a tribal totem quest.


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        Azazel the Abomination is an actual vampiric Abomination, the 10,000 year old first childe of Absimiliard and none other than the First Metis itself. Its so-called 'embrace by the Wyrm' that granted it immortality refers to its literal Embrace by one of the biggest Wyrmish horrors that ever walked on Gaia. The usual Harano Abominations tend to suffer from has kept its Willpower levels relatively low and the blood bond with its sire strong over the millenia.


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          Something I've been mulling on over a few days as one can probably tell from earlier in this thread...

          GAROU OF ASIA
          •Eastern Concordiat
          -The existence of a western concordiat has always felt to me as though it implies the existence of an eastern concordiat. Usually, I consider that to be an anachronistic division created by the changing breeds early in pre-history and largely used to distinguish the Garou Nation as it rose to prominence in western Eurasia and the Beast Courts as it rose into prominence in eastern Eurasia. However, for the purposes of these ideas, I'm changing that somewhat. The Eastern Concordiot can apply to the Beast Courts as they developed into prominence in the region, yet it was originally intended to represent the eastern tribes of the garou as they were divided by land and culture from their western counterparts. These being the Feng Lords of China (Silver Fangs), The Sunrise Warriors/Hakken (Shadow Lords), the Mountain Riders of the Steppes (Black Furies), the Stargazers of the Himalayas, and the Shivans of India (Children of Gaia).

          •Feng Lords
          -Totem: Fenghuang (Firebird or "Phoenix")
          -While the garou are not the most predominant changing breed of Asia, as they are in Europe, the point stands that The Blood Red Crest of the Silver Fangs were simply not equipped to be the garou aristocracy of all Asia. Thus, the houses and dynasties of the Feng Lords pick up the slack. This tribe which most predominantly resides within China but has branches although asian settled people's shares the dubious history of many tribes of the eastern concordiat with some claiming that they are a sister tribe of the Silver Fangs of the West while others claiming that the Feng Lords are the independently arisen tribe chosen by Gaia to rule the garou of the eastern concordiat. This particular opinion, as one might expect, has often placed them at odds with the Beast Courts and the elements of other garou tribes unwilling to swear fealty. This notably include proud elements of the Hakken and Stargazers who had been driven into the Beast Courts in large numbers because of the Feng Lords attempted supremacy.

          •Mountain Riders
          -Totem: Stallion
          -The Mountain Riders are one of the more controversial tribes of the east as their origins are such that some claim them to be a 'brother' tribe of the Black Furies. Some say that this tribe arose in ancient days when Scythian garou who would become the Black Furies made a compact with an equine spirit called Mare or Pegasus, and these she-wolves cast out their male kin. These garou went westward and began to follow a different totem called Stallion, who was kin to Mare/Pegasus. This story is incredibly controversial amongst both the Black Furies and Mountain Riders however. Many Riders claim that they have always been with the people of the Asian steppes and that it was the skilled horsemanship and martial capacity of those people which drew Stallion to them. One reason in particular that some garou question the origin is that Stallion seems to accept male and female garou alike, while the Riders simply claim that such has always been their way.

          (These are the main two particularly divergent tribes of this homebrew, as the other three are all already grounded in canon. I think that these five, along with the inevitable arrival of Bone Gnawers/Glass Walkers and the Beast Courts do a good job of helping to diversify the garou of Asia and allow the possibility for tales of the garou in that part of the world, even for those less inclined to play within the Beast Courts or Hengeyokai.)
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            I think one of the biggest issues was there was a lot of complaint about the Children of Gaia not accomplishing anything.

            but then several potential things they should have been involved with were handed off to other tribes and breeds. Heck, they could have been behind the whole environmental and anti drug movement of the Regan era.


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              That's fair.

              I definitely think that part of the Children's image problem with the community could have been helped if it was highlighted that they were leaders in brining about the Concord and advocates for peace towards the tail end of the Wars of Rage.

              From there they'd have their hands full trying to get the Garou to acknowledge the merit of certain elements of humanity and keeping tribal and breed warring to a minimum.


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                My personal iteration of Pentex is slightly different than canon, with a few of the company names or histories differing slightly (or sometimes a lot) and some of the plots they undertake being changed (usually more subtle, but not always). One aspect is my Founding Five, the original set of companies which formed Pentex in or around 1913, and which entities they serve(d).
                1. Premium Oil (now Endron Energy International), originating in Pennsylvania before moving to Texas, the entity that founder Jeremiah Lassater uncovered is one of the more ancient Wyrm entities, dating back at least to the age of the Mokole Dragon Kings, and its unpronounceable name can only roughly be translated into English as "Black Blood of the Earth" (and yes, I stole that from Big Trouble in Little China).
                2. Harold Brothers Mining Company (now HH Mineral Resources), originating in the Ohio River Valley of Pennsylvania, (West) Virginia, and Ohio, early in the 19th century, the founders dug up a lost relic of a prehuman - possibly alien - age, made of a still unknown mineral and inscribed with a single untranslatable glyph. The inner circle who worship the object refer to their master by a single syllable barking/coughing noise that tends to hurt the ears of outsiders.
                3. Smith & Young (now Smith & Young Company or SYC), founded in Indiana before the US Civil War, it has always been a front for the cult of Wyrm witches and wizards known as the Red Circle.
                4. Clayton Brands Tobacco Company (now Alegro Global), originating in Virginia, servants of Lord Choke, Elemental Maeljin of Smoke and Smog.
                5. Logan Meat Packing Company (now Logan Foods Corporation), based out of Chicago, their founders serve an ancient spirit of butchery, gluttony, and cannibalism called That Which Devours All Flesh.

                What is tolerance? It is the consequence of humanity. We are all formed of frailty and error; let us pardon reciprocally each other's folly. That is the first law of nature.
                Voltaire, "Tolerance" (1764)


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                  My Own Private PENTEX: The Thirteen Giants

                  Beyond the original pentarchy, my PENTEX has thirteen companies that are so massive, either in North America or globally, that they have an almost ubiquitous presence or influence in the World of Darkness, or are just massive profit generators for PENTEX as a whole.
                  1. AESIR, Inc. (Aerospace Engineering Science & Industrial Research) - One of the largest aerospace companies in the world, creating both civilian and military crafts, including private space vehicles and drones. Founded after WW2, they were heavily connected to Project Paperclip and the cult of the Black Sun.
                  2. Barker Foods - founded by failed filibusters tied to the Knights of the Golden Circle as the Barker Banana Company, now one of the world's biggest producers and sellers of fruits and vegetables.
                  3. Consolidex Financial - A global financial services behemoth involved in investment banking, savings & loans, credit cards, insurance, accounting, stock brokering, and alternative finance services (payday and title loans, pawn shops, money orders and transfers, etc.).
                  4. Good House International - A global leader in both the timber industry and paper products. Their founders and board still serve an ancient spirit known as Treerazer. (And yes, I lifted that from Pathfinder, as it was too good to pass up.)
                  5. Hendrick's Inc. - Once a simple grocery store chain, they've grown into a multinational retail corporation famous for their giant MegaStore hypermarkets, as well as their new chain of dollar variety stores and upscale health and wellness supermarkets.
                  6. Mercer Motor Company - one of the major designers, manufacturers, marketers, and distributers of commercial automotive vehicles and parts.
                  7. Magadon Medical & Pharmaceutical - The single biggest private medical companies in the world, involved in drug research and development, hospital management, bio-research, health insurance, medical device manufacturing, disease research, rehabilitation, public health education, cosmetic surgery, and women's health clinics.
                  8. OMNI (Oswald Media Networks International) - Originating as a small UHF station in Memphis, TN, it is now a global media octopus, involved in both broadcast, cable, and streaming television, film and television production, 24 hour cable news, internet and cable service, satellite telecommunications, broadcast and satellite radio, and music streaming services.
                  9. O'Tolley's Corperation - The single largest fast food company and restaurant chain on the planet.
                  10. Rainbow Corporation - One of the world's oldest and largest chemical companies, producers of synthetic rubber, various synthetic fabrics, paints, basic chemicals, pesticides, styrofoam, various industrial performance chemicals, chemical weapons, and countless plastic products. Tied to H'rugg, the Elemental Wyrm of Sludge.
                  11. SodaCo - The world's largest manufacturer, marketer, and distributer of non-alcoholic beverage in Earth, involved in sodas, fruit juices, energy and sports drinks, and bottled water.
                  12. Titan Construction - Involved in global mega-projects for over a century, Titan has ties to countless governments that have used it to construct airports, dams, canals, skyscrapers, embassies, palaces, power plants, military bases, and other projects that often dwarf the imagination. In addition, they provide consulting on engineering questions and problems that most would consider impossible to tackle.
                  13. Yale, Cane, & Fletcher/YCF Agriculture - A global leader in food and commodities production, with a special focus on crop growth and development, especially oil seeds, corn, soy, wheat, rice, sugar, and stock feed, as well as various products produces from the above. The founders followed an old demonic fertility spirit The Thirsty Ground/The Ground Which Thirsts for Blood.

                  What is tolerance? It is the consequence of humanity. We are all formed of frailty and error; let us pardon reciprocally each other's folly. That is the first law of nature.
                  Voltaire, "Tolerance" (1764)


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                    What, no T.J. O'Pootertoot's?


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                      Don't worry. O'Tolley's isn't the only food chain in my PENTEX.

                      What is tolerance? It is the consequence of humanity. We are all formed of frailty and error; let us pardon reciprocally each other's folly. That is the first law of nature.
                      Voltaire, "Tolerance" (1764)


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                        My PENTEX Top Ten

                        Below the so-called titans are the Top 10, those that are major players (primarily in North America), prominent brands and money earners.
                        1. Ardus Enterprises - America's major waste management and recycling company, originally founded as a front for organized crime in New Jersey.
                        2. Avalon, Inc. - A worldwide leader - and after a series of acquisitions and buyouts, near monopoly - in toys, boardgames, and children's entertainment. The exact nature of their leadership is a mystery even to PENTEX's board.
                        3. Green Star Solutions - A strategic communications consulting company that deals in advertising, public relations, social influencing, crowds on demand, and crisis management.
                        4. GulaGula Brands Inc. - One of the world's largest restaurant operation companies that own a number of different brands in fast food and casual dining, including places specializing in seafood, pizza, ethnic cuisine, donuts, and coffee. Ironically, several of their brands are considered O'Tolley's major competitors.
                        5. Hallahan Seafoods Company - One of the world's largest seafood companies and harvesters of fish. Headquartered in Rhode Island, its upper echelon have a "fishy" look to them.
                        6. Hixon-St.John Worldwide - A global hospitality company that includes several hotel chains and resorts ranging from ultra luxurious to economy class.
                        7. King Brewery & Distillery - North America's largest creator and seller of alcoholic beverages. They've been fighting off attempts by SodaCo to consume them. The founding King family serve a spirit called the Dark Bacchus.
                        8. Ship-It X-Press/SXP - A multinational delivery service and supply chain management company that handles global logistics. It's founders worked for the CIA in the 60s and 70s.
                        9. Tell Inc. - Once Tell Computer Technologies, one of the innovators of both home computers and video game systems, now a global leader in computer and internet communications technologies poised to break into the Titan ranks.
                        10. Vesuvius Publishing - A major publisher of books, magazines, and newspapers. Once one of the Titans, but the decline of traditional print media has seen them replaced by Hendrick's.

                        What is tolerance? It is the consequence of humanity. We are all formed of frailty and error; let us pardon reciprocally each other's folly. That is the first law of nature.
                        Voltaire, "Tolerance" (1764)


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                          An idea I've toyed with from time to time is the idea that the various lost breeds (Apis, etc.) were not necessarily wiped out by the Garou as part of some general War of Rage, but instead each of them fell, likely to the Wyrm, but possibly to other forces, and were destroyed by all of the Fera. So, for example, the Apis start as Gaia's husbanders/matchmakers but become corrupted and start herding humans into the early Bronze Age cities and breeding more and more people in order to eat them. So the various Fera of Mesopotamia, the Indus River Valley, and the Yellow River destroy them. Eventually all you have left is the occasional thing like the Minotaur trapped in the Labyrinth (or perhaps the cult of Moloch) and the odd flesh-eating "giant".

                          (I can also post more alternate Pentex companies if anyone wants to see them.)

                          What is tolerance? It is the consequence of humanity. We are all formed of frailty and error; let us pardon reciprocally each other's folly. That is the first law of nature.
                          Voltaire, "Tolerance" (1764)


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                            Originally posted by Gryffon15 View Post
                            [...] advocates for peace towards the tail end of the Wars of Rage.
                            Iirc... TB CoG rev mentions that their peace efforts were instrumental in the first War of Rage in a way, that each time they brokered a truce or just a meeting, it eventually came crumbling down by some incident. It was not before they realised, that maybe the time wasn't ready for cooperation yet, that the fera in any given area started to avoid one another and the War of Rage ebbed away, as the number of incidences decreased.

                            I never saw the War of Rage as officially starting and ending, with a declaration or treaty or such. Never read about it, too. It's just a name for an Age within the frea history.


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                              Originally posted by No One of Consequence View Post
                              An idea I've toyed with from time to time is the idea that the various lost breeds (Apis, etc.) were not necessarily wiped out by the Garou as part of some general War of Rage, but instead each of them fell, likely to the Wyrm, but possibly to other forces, and were destroyed by all of the Fera. So, for example, the Apis start as Gaia's husbanders/matchmakers but become corrupted and start herding humans into the early Bronze Age cities and breeding more and more people in order to eat them. So the various Fera of Mesopotamia, the Indus River Valley, and the Yellow River destroy them. Eventually all you have left is the occasional thing like the Minotaur trapped in the Labyrinth (or perhaps the cult of Moloch) and the odd flesh-eating "giant".

                              (I can also post more alternate Pentex companies if anyone wants to see them.)
                              That is how I understand the War of Rage.


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                                This isn't really head canon or home brew, but this is how I design a chronicle setting - how I choose to interpret what the corebook gives us. Which often diverges from other supplements. (In general, I don't have a high opinion of most Rage Across books, but there are good things in the New York and Appalachia books).

                                This is now how I've always designed my chronicle setting. It's an ongoing process as I have new ideas or try to fix something that doesn't feel right to me.

                                I start with certain principles.
                                • There is an overall lower population of Garou than a typical setting. The World of Darkness tends to overpopulate the supernatural so I want to bring it down to a more reasonable level. I want it somewhat plausible that most of the supernatural is indeed hidden from mundane humanity. Besides, having less Garou supports the idea it is a dying race.
                                • The "home" setting comprises multiple multiple caerns, not just a single caern. Maybe there is a "base" caern and sept the PC pack calls home, but it is normal for them to travel and visit about 3-6 other local caerns or other caerns they have ties to.
                                • Relatedly, there are packs of anruth that travel from caern to caern, particularly when their members of rank 1-2.
                                • There are far more low ranking caerns and far less high ranking caerns. If you look at most region sourcebooks, the most popular rank seems to be around rank 3. I like a more pyramidal structure. So lots more rank 1 caerns. But rank 2s and 3s probably provide most of the Garou population with their homes. Most canonical rank 5 caerns are probably only rank 4 (some may even be only rank 3). There's probably only around a dozen rank 5 caerns still in existence. In previous eras, there were a lot more powerful caerns than there are now.
                                • Garou born with one Garou parent are only around 25-33% of the setting. All the rest are kinfolk born. Metis would fall under that 25-33%.
                                • In the modern age, there are lots of Ronin, Lost Cubs, and Lunatics. Combined they would be the largest tribe. So maybe something like 10% of the whole Garou population. Not a hard figure. Most of these are often confused to be the "rabble" of the Bone Gnawer. (Related, the Bone Gnawers are NOT the largest tribe).
                                • I identify the source of major kinfolk populations, using around 100 kinfolk to 1 Garou to be somewhere in the setting. This is to pad out certain NPCs who have large Kinfolk Backgrounds, or just to provide a place where new Garou are born. Sometimes these places of origin are not local in the sense they are nearby, but are simply places off the normal map who give birth to Garou who come to the region's caerns. I particularly like to have small towns (or hidden communities in isolated places) of all kinfolk which preserve the old ways. Or if they are urban based, a system of known Kinfolk families that strictly control their children and make arranged marriages in order to preserve the blood. Of course I have other kinfolk families "off the map" to use for whatever purpose needed, but by having desginated Kinfolk "strongholds" and their approximate numbers, it helps me fill out the setting.
                                • The prevalence of Man Eating is around the same as drug abuse in the real world. So around 1% of Garou are ongoing Man Eaters, and about 5% have eaten Man at some point. These percentages are not evenly distributed. Probably half of that number are Bone Gnawers to reflect the presence of the Man Eaters camp, and the rest among the other tribes. Other focal points are camps of certain tribes like the Silent Striders (Eaters of the Dead), Black Furies (Maenads), and Red Talons (Dying Cubs). Problem is also more prevalent in general among Shadow Lords and Uktena. But it affects all tribes to a degree. Ironically, the Wendigo tribe has the least problem because the Wendigo totem - while cursing humans who engage in cannibalism - has a very strict taboo ban for his Garou children, and Wendigo kinfolk are often hunters of "human Wendigo".
                                • Cubs typically take around 3-5 years of "schooling" before they attend their Rite of Passage. Typically the younger you are when you Change, the longer the schooling. Adults who are Lost Cubs and subsequently found, may only need 1 year, but even this could be longer if they insist on living a typical human life. This time includes not just your standard Garou abilities and learning Gifts, but also more mundane Abilities (Talents, Skills, Knowledges) a tribe wants you to know. Again, this is an average. Bone Gnawers don't teach a lot except the basics, while a tribe like the Stargazers or Uktena usually give a college education (2 dots) level of Enigmas and Occult.
                                • For NPCs, I use a standard Rank by Age progression that teens are Rank 1, twenties are Rank 2, thirties are Rank 3, Rank 4 are people at least in their forties, and Rank 5 are at least in their fifties. Exceptional NPCs (true peers to PCs) do exist, but are very rare. It takes time to advance in Rank, and many of the upper Rank challenges require a significant amount of time to accomplish.
                                • Rank 2 is fairly easy to achieve - Garou just needs to demonstrate they are now an "adult". Most Garou also achieve Rank 3, but here many plateau. Most active leaders of the Garou are at Rank 4. Rank 5 is truly reserved for the elite of the Garou, and many Garou only achieve that after death when they are posthumously promoted. (Many Garou who plateau at Rank 3 are also posthumously promoted to Rank 4).
                                • I like to run games with a progression of time, so I like to have at least 20 years of in-game time. (So my chronicles are usually historically based, although I now could easily start a game in 1990 or 2000). So I needed to figure out how often Garou die and new cubs enter the workforce (pass their Rite of Passage). So I plan on around a 1.5% mortality rate, and new cubs join at around 1%. So for a sept of 20, after 5 tears I plan on having 1-2 of them die (usually in combat, but sometimes through Harano or Rite of the Winter Wolf), and 1 new Cliath. This also means I have about 1 or 2 cubs in training during those 5 years. (For larger or smaller septs, I adjust of course.) Again, this is just an average, And if I choose to not remove or introduce Garou at the home sept of the PCs, I may push this off to another sept. Or maybe save up some lives to expend them for some climactic fight or event.
                                • I make extensive use of those Flaws which mirror the cinematic/literary/folkloric werewolf. These would be Flaws like Sign of the Wolf, Mark of the Predator, Pierced Veil, and Forced.Banned Transformations. I encourage PCs to take them if they are looking for build points, and I give them out to a lot of NPCs. And the higher Pure Breed NPCs are, the more likely they will have one or more of those Flaws.
                                • I have a general system which NPCs have Fetishes and how many. Cliath generally have none. Fostern usually have none, but a few may have one fetish of low rank. At rank 3 and above, NPCs on average have twice their rank level of fetish levels (so six levels of fetish may mean 6 rank one fetishes, or one rank 1 fetish and a rank 5 fetish, or any combination). That is just an average so any individual Garou may have less or more than the average.
                                • I follow the guidelines in the second edition Werewolf Player's Guide that fewer than 10% of Garou in a sept have klaives, and less than 1% has a grand klaive. Usually the NPC that have them will either be the Grand Elder of the sept, or the Caern Warder. In general, most septs have one klaive which is held by one of its leaders. But some rank 1 septs may not have any, and larger septs may have more than one.
                                • Talens, of course, are much more numerous - enough that they can be used as currency. In general, low ranking Garou (and the PCs) limit themselves to making Talens, while semi-retired Garou of rank 3-5 may craft a Fetish (these are Garou that stay at the caern fulfilling their leadership roles). Like all general rules, there are plenty of exceptions.
                                I try to do the same for the bad guys as well, but what I do often depends on the types of bad guys I've chosen for the chronicle. But I do try to map certain things for a sandbox style game (of varying threat levels), specific scenarios I plan to run at some point, and planned events for longer lasting "chronicle metaplot".
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