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Do videos of garou cause delerium?

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  • Do videos of garou cause delerium?

    Like, if someone caught a garou on their cell-phone, and posted it on youtube, would everyone watching it get hit with delerium?

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    Only the disbelief and skepticism parts of it. It takes being in the presence of an actual Garou or Fera to cause the overwhelming fear and dread.


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      Page 263 of WtA 20th actually talks about this if you wanna check this out for yourself, but like Saur Ops Spec. said, the Delirium doesn't really travel outside of immediate perception and as a general rule most people will instinctively retreat into skepticism and claims of image tampering before they acknowledge the existence of werewolves.

      However on the other hand, hunters have no such natural compunction as well as those with a strong will to believe, and as such photography and videos of crinos garou are most definitely causes of concern for The Veil.


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        I was just talking about this but concerning the yeren. People will just ignore anyone who claims to have video evidence as a hoax, particularly with how good cgi is these days.

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