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Reproduction Werewolf Dice (and Moon Phase Die!)

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  • Torakhan
    started a topic Reproduction Werewolf Dice (and Moon Phase Die!)

    Reproduction Werewolf Dice (and Moon Phase Die!)

    Soooo... back in the 90s, White Wolf released some cool Werewolf dice -- they were this metallic brown with silver numbers, AND a Moon Phase (glyphs) D10 too. I used to have 8 or 9 sets of them, but I lost them over time.

    Some time ago I had a bunch of the numbered dice made up and it took a few years to sell them all off. But I always wanted to make the moon phase dice.

    White Wolf has been extremely gracious to allow me to do a very limited run of the dice (the minimum that can be produced.)
    I'm not doing it to make money, so the prices are basically to cover my own expenses so that I can keep some, and give them away (for gamer charities, to game developers, etc. who want them.)

    But I'm trying to find out how many folks are actually interested--I'm making the same amount of dice, but the more people who would pre-order, the cheaper they'd be because I would know I'd cover my costs.)

    If you're interested, please check out my FB post and contribute to the poll.
    (And, yes, WW developers, and artists who ask do get free sets, if available and I can afford to ship them. )

  • Torakhan

    Back in early February, I pulled the trigger and went ahead with the minimum order of dice, and they were on the schedule to be made when I talked to them in March.
    Unfortunately, the dice are made in England, and their manufacturing has not yet come back online, and I've had no returned Emails from the company regarding when they'll resume or when in their production they'll start working on my dice.

    For those still interested, thank you for being so, and I'll try to keep folks informed as I learn more (especially through the Facebook page.)

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