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What are some effective/minmaxed Fomori power combinations?

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  • What are some effective/minmaxed Fomori power combinations?

    GM is sick and tired of having them as disposable swarm mooks and I agree with him. Thought I'd suggest of proper build for a Fomor final boss. Possibly a Fomarch.

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    As in a combat build or more of a boss who can mess with others with a group of minions to be the actual fighters.

    If the former: Berserker, Gift: Spirit of the Fray, Immunity to Delirium, Mega-Attribute, Molecular Weakening....


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      Re the swarm mooks thing there are a lot of Fomori powers that enable them to be subtle and invisible corruptors and predators, perhaps widen the kinds and Powers of the Fomori your ST is having you encounter.

      Powers like Umbral Passage, Succubi's Veil, Spirit Ties, Shapechange, Garou Gift, Sense Gaia, Procreation, Scent of the Wyld/Weaver, Nightmare Command, Homogeneity etc.


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        Immunity to the Delerium is nigh universal especialy amongst Pentex Built formori.


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          For max lethality, which may be a little unfun, you want stealth skills, multi actions, a battle rifle loaded with silver, competent military tactics.

          silver costs less than you think. Mundane people immune to delerium, with the right equipment, should be terrifying to werewolves. Camouflage clothing and something to eliminate scent...
          Put a silver spike on the rifle if the garou use jam weapon.

          Now, of course, this is unfair. Nobody wants the party to be destroyed in a turn by some campers with facepaint, so have a formor, with all the problems they have, ruin the ambush by attacking too soon. But just remember formori don't need to be people who fight stupidly with just their clothes on their back.


          If you prefer a more traditional fighter. I'm partial to the immolation power. But really a small group of formori that sync well to eachother is better than a single formor who powergamed. You could go full DnD and have a Tank, A damage dealer and a disabler combination work in unison (Formori don't have healers) Adjust the party for your player's group size and you're good to go.

          The bane could possess a non human. A possessed bear may prove to be unbearable. It's a cool way to get a strong opponent without going for something extreme like a formarch.

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            I love the idea of a bane-possessed moose running rampant and sending werewolves fleeing for their lives.


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              Would using a Bane-possessed vampire be cheating? Not a Fomori vampire, but an infernalist vampire which, likely through Dark Thaumaturgical means, has trapped Banes within its body so it can access all those nifty Wyrm perks without having to share.


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                Logothétēs I like your idea of a Bane-possessed vampire. Also, what about a Ferectoi? They're much more subtle than the average fomor, not to mention more physically attractive.

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                  It’s not hard to build the hulk from the Possessed book rules. Let alone buff him up with additional xp from being a boss level npc.