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Locations of Fera during the War of Rage

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    Originally posted by Eldagusto View Post
    Well Silver Fangs I got the impression did issue such edicts. We know when they did that for instance Fenrir, Fianna and I think even the Shadowlords defended the Corax. And they smashed Mokole Clutches all over the place, and even the Pure Ones weren't the best neighbors to their Fera.
    Is there a page reference leading to texts, leading this impression?

    For in TB Silverfangs (1st Edition) there is an argument about whether the myths about the Silver Fangs instigating the War of Rage is true and the Silver Fang giving the counterpoint states:
    The Gurahl and Bastet, ever blindly protective of humanity, brought the Wyrm's wrath down on us during the Ice Age. The Nuwisha's mindless pranks nearly severed all skinchangers from Luna's grace. The Corax stole some of the Garou's most sacrosanct secrets. I could go on, but I am sure you mark my drift. Again, these facts are common knowledge among most tribes.
    Each of the Garou tribes had bitter complaints about the other skinchangers. The Red Talons and others saw them as competition for hunting grounds. The Get had many unfortunate skirmishes with them. The Stargazers and Silent Striders coveted their secrets. We all know of the Shadow Lords' hatred for the Corax; the Lords believed the wereravens' very existence defamed their totem, Crow. There was little need for Silver Fang "hubris" in this matter. Still, each of the tribes came to us and, as the alpha-tribe, we had no choice but to comply.

    I'm not that familiar with Nuwisha, and what the Silver Fang references there. But that the Gurahl and Bastet might have been in conflict with the Garou over dealings with humans, especially killing them, doesn't seem unlikely. And conflict with the Corax about stolen secrets, don't seem far fetched either.

    The revised TB tells the a different view of the War:
    As you will recall, none of the other animals in the Ancient Days would heed Gaia’s calls to duty, but for Wolf. The shapechanging progeny of these animals were just as selfish and shortsighted.

    They went about what they believed to be their business, scornful of the Garou. In many times and places, they attempted to prevent the Garou from doing their duty to maintain the world in balance. During the Impergium, they even raised claws or wings against us when we culled their Kinfolk herds. Such effrontery can be forgiven, but not their betrayal of Gaia Herself. They chose to spurn the natural world and ally with the new spirits born from the dreams of humans.

    The Bastet were perhaps the worst traitors, accepting a secret power from certain human wizards that allowed them to create their own spirit Realms apart from others, perceivable only by themselves. In this way, they thought to escape our rule.

    The Corax were always fascinated with human tools, and they often stole them to place in their nests. Now, however, they fraternized with the spirits of these tools. Their fealty to the Sun saved them from the worst of our anger, but they still had to be put in their place.

    The others had similar crimes, whether they bred with royal human bloodlines reserved for the Silver Fangs or refused to yield territory to them. It was clear that these upstarts had to be dealt with, and placed firmly under our rule.

    The War of Rage was felt across the world. Although it was far less devastating in the Americas, its effects in the spirit world bled through and affected even the Pure Lands. We now concede that this war was a terrible mistake, not because it was unwarranted, but because its full effects were far worse than even we had foreseen. It was not merely a war for territory or to conquer, for wherever shapeshifters are involved, spirits are also involved. The entire spirit world was embroiled in the conflict, forced to choose sides. Most chose our side, of course, knowing that we would be ultimately victorious. But many did so out of fear rather than choice, and that has tainted many of our relations with these spirits ever since.

    Certain spirits aided the Fera in their fight, seeing it as a struggle for liberty against our oppression. The underclasses have always been quick to claim lofty ideals to defend their crimes. Regardless of who was right and who was wrong, the battles were terrible. It could not continue.

    This time, we needed no Celestine counsel to tell us the proper course of action. We could see clearly the devastation wrought and the friendships destroyed. We declared and end to the war and a truce with our enemies. Other tribes like to claim the initiative in this, and certainly, tribes such as the Children of Gaia had been a voice against the war all along, but it was not their decision to end the war. It was ours.

    We sought to ameliorate the wounds by defining territories and breeding herds, and some of these were accepted, even though the Fera usually got the worst of the lands and stock. In some places, these offers were refused, with the inevitable result being that the Fera had to migrate elsewhere, to lands Garou tribes showed little interest in. The world was wide and vast then —
    larger, I believe, than it is now, and I do not mean metaphorically — so there were many lands they could move into, places where humans had not yet erected cities that required our vigilance.
    And so peace was returned. We ruled the Mother Land and many other lands where humans had spread, and left the hinterlands to the other tribes and the Fera. Some complain even today about this, but were we not giving them the best territories, places still prime with Gaian bounty? We made the sacrifice to stay near the cities, close to humans and their daily depredations, forsaking the wild places our hearts yet yearned for. We kept some caerns, certainly, but did not make new ones in the wilds.

    All this bounty was granted to others, and yet still they whined like hungry pups seeking more scraps. Eventually, we shut our ears to their selfish chorus and set about ruling by our own counsel, with little heed to the petty whimpers of our pampered brethren.

    Note that this account is given by a Silver Fang scholar, who told Albrecht about the actual Celestine Mandate that cements Silver Fang rule. It also names the Impergium as one contributing factor to the War of Rage. And while this passage reads like there is a general assumption of guilt towards Bastet, Corax and other Fera, there in no mention of standing orders to wipe them out. Although, there are possibly orders to drive them away from garou territories.