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    I was just working on my WTA setting over the week and thought Id post up how I've organized the tribes of my home state and see if anyone has any input or just something fun to read. Nothing here is canon to my knowledge but I think logically it all makes sense, at least in my head. Ive named dropped some NPC's from my game in these so dont worry about looking them up except for True Silverheels. Im going to keep fleshing this out as I create more lore for my game.

    Garou Tribes of Texas

    Black Furies: A small number of Furies traditionally live in Texas but the strong presence of the Wyld in certain parts of the state ensures that there are enough at any given time to make their presence felt. The Sisterhood camp maintains a strong presence in the few cities throughout the state with the Adren Veronica Kumenos a prominent member of the Sept of the New Dawn in Austin. Additionally, the Order of the Merciful Mother has numerous garou among the Catholics based around San Antonio and El Paso area.

    Bone Gnawers: The Bone Gnawers have called the region of Texas home perhaps longer than any other tribe besides the Uktena and the Shadow Lords. They quickly established themselves while perhaps not as a strong political force at least an important source of information and guides as they adapted to the rough terrain of the American West. As the cities grew more crowded, they settled in, blending seamlessly with the city’s denizens. The camps of the Hillfolk are numerous in small pockets throughout the state and the Road Warders maintain a strong presence along the miles of interstate.

    Children of Gaia: While a late arrival to the territory they have steadily grown in importance and now hold the second largest sept of the state in the New Dawn sept in Austin. They work within the cities power structure to enact political reform and push a progressive agenda. They have been highly successful working with the cities Glass Walkers to influence laws geared towards civil rights and environmental protections. While many of their camps have a presence in the state with the largest being Demeter’s Daughters, recently the camps have been in decline as Hannah Turner follows the wisdom of True Silverheels in denouncing divisions within the tribe.

    Fianna: The Fianna have never a strong presence in the state with most of the territory being either claimed by the Get or held by the Uktena, they never established themselves beyond a few scattered packs. Their one small caern was overrun by Wyrm forces a decade ago and they have never recovered. The Whispering Rovers camp still has some members operating throughout the southwest United States but overall they’ve never shown much interest in the state preferring territory further east.

    Get of Fenris: The Get established themselves in the early days of European settlement following the waves of German immigrants that moved into the territory after the establishment of the Republic of Texas. They encountered the Uktena who were already wary and hostile to the Wyrmcommers after dealings with tribes like the Shadow Lords and Iron Riders. The Get however were simply to numerous and strong to overcome and several of the Uktena caerns fell to them. There has been bad blood between the tribes ever since and the Get currently hold the strongest sept in the state in Big Bend National Park.

    Glass Walkers: The Glass Walkers have known the cities and roads of Texas for many years first arriving with the railroads as the Iron Riders in the days of the old west and since then have established themselves in strongholds such as Austin, Dallas and Houston riding the tech boom. While they are hated by a great many tribes such as the Get of Fenris, Uktena and Red Talons they have allies among the Children of Gaia as they help co run the sept of the New Dawn in Austin. This ensures they can remain politically active members of the Garou Nation while still able to see to their own agenda.

    Red Talons: The history of the Red Talons of Texas is a sad one as they initially had great success moving among the large wolf population of the state as one of the first tribes to enter after the arrival of the European tribes in the 1600s. After the Europeans started to settle the land however they ruthlessly hunted the wolf population of the state for decades and the Talons were unable to stop the slaughter no matter how many humans they killed. With the wolf now extinct in the state they hold onto only what small territory they have left knowing once they perish they will never return again. They are bitter and hateful and though they have allies among both the Get of Fenris and the Uktena they rarely involve themselves in the political struggles of either and only rarely will be convinced to lend aid.

    Shadow Lords: The Shadow Lords came with the Spanish and Portuguese conquistadors in the early days of the European expansion into America. They clashed with the Uktena who saw them as the worst example of the Wyrmbringers corruption. They were initially very successful in establishing powerbases throughout the state but declined as the arrival of the large numbers of Get of Fenris claimed the strongest caerns in the state and today they hold minorities in a number of Get septs serving as councilors and forward agents seeking out forces of the Wyrm. Its perhaps a less glorious role but the Lords would say it is what they wanted all along.

    Silent Striders: While Texas has been a known route for Strider wanderers for hundreds of years, they’ve never held any permanent presence in the state. Singular Striders or sometimes a pack will travel moon bridges between states bringing information they remain a rare sight.

    Silver Fangs: The lords of the Garou Nation have traditionally shown little interest in Texas preferring the norther states for their protectorates. They have never held territory in the state and while a few Fangs may have called the state home throughout the years it remains firmly in the hands of the Get of Fenris as the dominant tribe. Occasionally however emissaries from the Fang septs of Colorado will travel to the state to discuss joint campaigns against the Wyrm’s minions.

    Stargazers: The Stargazers are one of the few tribes to be accepted by the Uktena as brothers in arms and have welcomed them into several of their septs. They are not numerous or influential however they’ve done much to council the native garou against rash actions against the stronger tribes of the state. Celedona the lupus Stargazer mystic is a wise elder of the tribe that has lived around Corpus Christi for decades and her word carry a great deal of weight in the region.

    Uktena: For thousands of years the Uktena were the only tribe in the region now known as Texas. They stuck mainly to the rivers and coastlines but traveled the vast open spaces and deep wildernesses seeking wisdom and battling the Wyrm. When the Europeans arrived however they lost much just like their human kin would. Land was taken and they were marginalized more and more as the decades wore on. Still they survived and their presence in the state is second only to the Get of Fenris. They work with other tribes sparingly but can be counted on when the need arises and are not immediately hostile to visitors to their caerns.

    Wendigo: While the Wendigo have walked the Pure Lands for generations and have known to visit the southern lands of Texas they’ve always left the protection of them to their older brother the Uktena. As the Wyrmcommers kin forced their peoples onto reservation some moved with them to the Indian Territory in present day Oklahoma. Thus there are a number of packs of Wendigo in the region but none call Texas home permanently nor do they hold any caerns in the state.

    Black Spiral Dancers: The Dancers have been a presence in the state for as long as anyone save the Uktena can remember. Weather they arrived with the Spanish or the whites none can say but they’ve steadily grown in power over the ensuing decades. They currently have two large hives operating in the state. The Hive of the Shattered Mind is currently somewhere around Houston while the Hive of the Faceless One is rumored to be on the Mexican and American border near El Paso. Both hives are involved in the Mexican drug cartels and help commit all manner of atrocities under that guise. They have their hands in many criminal opperations and the garou of Texas are always looking over their shoulders.

    The Hecata are a sect not a clan.

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    There could be an option for native Wendigo. While they obviously are associated with the colder northern climes, the early supplement Caerns: Places of Power also placed them among the Navajo.

    The Navajo are among the speakers of the Southern Athabaskan languages. Most of the Athabaskan speakers live in Alaska and Canada so obviously there was some kind of migrant group that broke off from them and headed south. Historians believe this happened between AD 1200-1500. This, presumably, is why the Wendigo count Navajo kinfolk.

    Well there are other speakers of Southern Athabaskan as well - the various Apache peoples. While Most Apache now live in Arizona and New Mexico, some of the Lipan Apache still live in southern Texas. They're recognized by the state of Texas, but not the Federal Government. So if for any reason you wanted native Wendigo, this is a potential route to do so that makes sense in history. Their numbers are very small, but it is always possible for a kinfolk population to remain.

    But of course there is no issue with keeping your thoughts as they are. Just providing some information that may be useful.


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      No thats great. Definitely something to take into consideration for their presence in the state. Maybe a small number but significant none the less.

      The Hecata are a sect not a clan.


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        Yeah; one of the things that kept the Three Brothers somewhat unified was the fact that they didn't really have clear divisions in their territories; you would tend to find Wendigo in the north, the Croatoan i nthe east, and Uktena in the south... but you also had Croatan septs among the Miwok in California, you have the Wendigo following their Athabascan kinfolk south, the Uktena probably loved all the spooky caves in the Alleghenies, etc. You've got fourteen thousand years of people migrating around there. So unlike in Europe where empires and hard geographical borders ended up sequestering the tribes and their kinfolk in isolated, exclusive pockets, the Wendigo, Uktena, and Croatan were much more blended around North America, and regularly even fostered and trained each others' cubs.

        One thing that might be neat is having the Furies be on the precipice of Something Bad™ - they've found indications of some powerful spirit in their territory that seems heavily Wyld. But as it turns out it's actually some broken-off piece of the Storm eater from back in the day, and it really wants to get out there and wreck things.

        Also? belt buckle fetishes. You've gotta have belt Buckle fetishes. The Get of Fenris and Glass Walkers of Texas compete over and duel for the best ones.


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          These are all great ideas. Which tribes would have a presence in the Houston area?

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            Most of what we think of as Texas used to be part of the Comanche Empire, and when the state was a Republic, they made raids all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. Even in the 1870s, they were still a force in the northwest part of the state. (The main reason the Mexican government started inviting Anglo settlers into Texas in the first place was because it was de facto ruled by the Comanche and their army was unable to do anything about it.) Linguistically, the Comanche are tied to the Shoshoni peoples, who have usually been presented as Wendigo kinfolk, but probably have a certain level of Uktena presence as well, especially in the south.

            When Sam Houston was president of Texas, he tried to establish a reservation/territory in northeast Texas (he'd lived among the nation in Tennessee while growing up), only for the Texas Senate to table the motion and never vote on it. Eventually the republic government decided to drive them out of the region. Most went to Oklahoma, but some stayed and are today part of what is called the Mount Tabor Indian Community, a state recognized tribal entity made up of Cherokee, Choctaw, Muskogee/Creek, and Chickasaw. All of these are usually presented as Uktena breeding stock.

            As far as the Houston area, my usual rule of thumb is that for a major city, the Glass Walkers and Bone Gnawers will each make up about a third of the Garou population, with the remaining third being a mix of the other tribes. You'd probably find at least one of each of them in the city somewhere.

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              The northern Shoshoni live far enough north that they are often depicted with having Wendigo kinfolk, but their language family is derived from Uto-Aztecan which place them as more likely originating out of Uktena kinfolk. Most likely the speakers of the original language had Uktena kinfolk, but when the Shoshoni people's moved north the human population began having both Uktena and Wendigo kinfolk as they expanded, conquered, and assimilated other peoples. So when the Commanche moved south to the Great Plains and Texas, they could have had both kinfolk groups (and perhaps even Croatan prior to that tribe's extinction). I think you can justify a lot of variations in any single game.

              Certainly the Commanche Empire was a true historical epoch in the history of the region.


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                What about Silver Fangs? There might be Silver Fangs in Texas descended from the original Anglo settlers who came with Stephen F. Austin.

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                  Perhaps but I couldnt find much to work with regarding the Fangs when I sat down to write and I liked the idea of the Get being the dominant European tribe. There could certainly be packs of Silver Fangs in the state but I dont think they would be a majority. I always envisioned them establishing protectorates in the early colonial states along the east coast and never feeling much of a need to move much beyond those regions except in the midwestern United States. Thats just how I see it though and perhaps others would have a different take.

                  As for Houston I agree its going to be heavily Glass Walker and Bone Gnawer focused being the largest city in the state and with a heavy industrial and tech focus. Their main problem will be with Pentex since they have numerous subsidiaries with their tentacles in oil, business, and tech. In addition to the vampires and Black Spiral Dancers Houston is one of the more perilous cities for Garou to try to inhabit so the ones that do live there are in a constant state of paranoia and a siege mentality.

                  The Hecata are a sect not a clan.


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                    The Silver Fangs would have almost certainly come along with Spanish settlements. Unlike later empires the Spanish were very "hands on" with ruling their colonies, with governors and administrators being appointed by and answering to the crown directly. And going by the Shattered Dreams book, the Spanish monarchs absolutely were Silver Fang kin at the time.

                    Specifically, they would have been Unbreakable Hearth kinfolk; the house is described as having roots in Spain, France, Switzerland, and Hungary; This implies (to me) that they basically claimed Aragon and the Western Mediterranean, Alpine France and Italy, and had slipped into Hungary through Aragon's alliances with Hungary.

                    Wyrmfoe could also be a possibility; they're described as having roots in France, Spain, and Holland. However I take this to read more like they were based in the Low Countries, Burgundy, and Rhineland originally, and spread their influence into Spain after the Spanish Hapsburgs took over the Netherlands. So Unbreakable hearth would have beat them to the punch in Mexico and Texas.

                    They wouldn't have been numerous; ambitious Fangs without any holdings of their own, and packs that had caught the eye (or ire) of elders close to the crown being rewarded with / deported to colonial holdings in the new world. Just enough Garou to hold the titles to the land they claimed, I imagine.


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                      Frontline989, The Cat Came Back I totally agree with both of you guys. There were German-Americans in early Texas who could’ve been Get Kinfolk.

                      What about House Winter Snow? They were driven out of the Highlands after Culloden and could have easily migrated to America. Davy Crockett and his Tennessee Volunteers were heavily Scottish and Scots-Irish. So was Jim Bowie.

                      “No one holds command over me. No man, no god, no Prince. Call your damn Hunt. We shall see who I drag screaming down to hell with me.” The last Ahrimane says this when Mithras calls a Blood Hunt against her.


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                        Originally posted by Black Fox View Post
                        The northern Shoshoni live far enough north that they are often depicted with having Wendigo kinfolk, but their language family is derived from Uto-Aztecan which place them as more likely originating out of Uktena kinfolk.
                        Consulting the book Croatan Song, which I sometimes forget exists, I see that the Comanche are listed as one of the Uktena's traditional kinfolk.

                        Annoyingly, however, while the book lists a number of traditional strongholds/septs of the Three Brothers, it doesn't include any in Texas.

                        What is tolerance? It is the consequence of humanity. We are all formed of frailty and error; let us pardon reciprocally each other's folly. That is the first law of nature.
                        Voltaire, "Tolerance" (1764)