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Werewolf: The Apocalypse: Earthblood news (Cinematic Trailer Live)

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    Originally posted by werewolf43 View Post
    Balor gaze , I think red eye could be that. And it's a clue for the rank or for gift you'll be able to get.
    Oh yeah, I see. Anyway, his full statistics would make a great unlockable in the game. Something you get for completing the game. How does that sound......of course most of his information would be highly guessable anyway.


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      Graphically pretty. Digging the darkness and that bikey look; Maybe they won't be shy on portraying werewolves as radical assholes. But it's a trailer for a trailer?

      Edit: Seen the whole trailer

      Wow that looks fucking awesome.

      Not sure the uninitiated would know what they're looking at, but it does look very good. Loving those formori.
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