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Replace Fianna with something "Stag"

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    To me, the symbolism of the stag is pretty in line with what the Fianna are.

    They're boastful
    They have big heads
    They're a Manly tribe
    They fight a lot among themselves, and they mostly fight so they can prove to women that they'd be good mates. (hence there are a lot more fianna than most other tribes, even though they've probably got one of the highest mortality rates)
    Their dislike of deformities (rampant metis hate) kinda fits in with the need to have nice antlers

    The only problem with the football idea is that I imagine Fianna to be somewhat more eloquent.

    You don't use actual football hooligans, you take the people who would be football hooligans. You give them crazy stories that might've half happened, something else to love (Nature, legendary axes their grandfathers used, and they can nerd about teams of warriors rather than players) You give them something to hate (The other football team is the Wyrm)

    I think auspices confer literal blessings, if luna didn't pick children with latent tallent, and Garou are thus better people than average by default. Football hooligans... well, I wouldn't say that's a subculture of above average people, but wouldn't it be kinda interesting to see such the same mindset applied to above average people? Warrior cultures tend to be rather loutish. Fianna have always been considered more loutish than the other tribes. When they grow up and mature maybe they can grow out of it.

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      A huge, and I do mean HUGE, issue with pre-revised content was always that it was written from an American perspective. So Fianna were the stereotypical Irish immigrants (not Irish, immigrants from Ireland) and others followed a similar mentality. For example, as a nordic person, the first Get of Fenris tribebook is painful to read. Even though they try to soften it, the idea behind the Fenrir seemed to be
      racist neonazi white nationalists.
      There was even a mixed heritage flaw in there.

      The revised tribebook cleaned things up, for which I am glad. But it is important to remember that the starting point, because it goes into the same issue the Fianna had. This narrow cultural view from a white American lens. It is no longer like that, but it did take 25-ish years to clean things up.

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        Originally posted by Ana Mizuki View Post
        racist neonazi white nationalists.
        Can we all just take a moment to enjoy how many redundancies that description has

        Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.


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          Originally posted by MyWifeIsScary View Post

          Can we all just take a moment to enjoy how many redundancies that description has
          In my defence, they legit did run the gamut of all three. Something that would bleed into people playing Fenrir in the future and how people expected you to play them.

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            Anyway though, I just recalled the name of this thread and so I figured I'd popcorn some suggestions for alternative tribe names aside from 'Fianna'.

            The 'Band of Stag', 'Children of Stag, and 'Warriors of Stag' are all somewhat obvious but valid monikers so I bring them up now but I'm going to trend away from that style for the rest of these suggestions.

            •The Cunning Ones
            This name would reflect the fianna's high opinion of themselves as cultural leaders of the Garou Nation and their admiration for the trickster hero, as well as a reference to their relationship with The Fair Folk, as in gaelic and gaelic diaspora regions, individuals attuned to various mystical elements were sometimes called 'Cunning Folk'

            •The Children of Danu
            Also might be called 'Danu's Band' or 'Danu's Warriors', this is a reference to the Celtic mother goddess Danu who is already mentioned as the Fianna's analogue to Gaia as Earth Mother and so feeling that they are Danu's warrior guard within gaelic society makes a great deal of sense to me

            •The Horned Ones
            Somewhat a reference to certain schools of Wiccan theology as well as gaelic neo-paganism and gaulic reconstructionism. Also, admittedly, a reference to their totem of Stag. However inspired by the Wiccan 'Horned God' and the Gaulic 'Cernunnos', this name refers to the role of the Fianna as mystical guardians of the gaelic people as well as fertility and the natural world. The rites of the tribe to ensure healthy harvest and fruitful hunts made them naturally an extremely important aspect of the celtic stone/iron ages.

            •The (Wild) Hunt
            An obvious reference but one that has to me made. Whether you call them 'The Hunt', 'The Wild Hunt', or some other variation on the formula; this man's represents the primal nature of the tribe as well as tying in with their connections to The Fair Folk and, I think anyway, just being a good name.

            •The Brilliant Singers
            Brilliant here is in reference to the bright red and black pelts that fianna are known for, rather then a reference to their intelligence, although I will say that I do think many Fianna would glibly claim that second meaning of the tribal name. This name based upon the naming convention we see with other tribes, particularly illustrating the tribe's cultural emphasis on music and the pride they hold in their galliards and their performances and epic histories.


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              I've been having similar thoughts recently, well more like how the Hakken and Shadowlords are connected. There's base Shadowlord tribe and an Ethnic camp built around a real world culture. I was thinking about how to invert the Fianna and Fenrir like that. The Tribe of Stag is universal... but there's also Fianna on this wierd little island on the far side of Eurasia. I'm honestly more lost what do with the Fenrir.

              I'd also like to add more ethnic camps to the universal ones... like the Wise Guys could be an ethnic camp tied to the tendency to push minorities into criminal roles.