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  • Moon Bridges: Questions


    I cant find a lot of info about Moon Bridges in W20 and I had a couple questions:

    1. Can Moon Bridges be opened during the day or do you have to wait until night-time (cause the Moon and stuff)?

    2. Do Black Spiral Dancers use Moon Bridges? If they can, how do these bridges work in Pits?

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    Yes. Not only can a moon be visible during the day, I don't think it's required that the moon actually be visible. Just remember that the phase of the moon determines a lot about the status of the bridge at that time.

    Yes. Although instead of actual Moon Bridges, they are probably Wyrmholes instead. Same concept, but reskinned.


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      The Tribe novels describe Moon Bridges, iirc, as bands of clouds, like stage fog, that reflect the Moon light. So your feet aren't visible probably, and if you wipe away the fog, you might create a temporary hole and fall trough...

      But, Moon bridges are from the outside just portals, allowing to step into the Atherial Realm and onto a specific Moon Bridge that Portal belongs to. And, iirc, in the Atherial Realm Moon and Sun are both omnipresent. So, walking over the Moon Bridge is like walking up an arc towards the moon, and down again. On the top it seems as if you could just grab the moon, but that's just optical illusion, or isn't it?.

      At least that's what I remember from different sources.

      Also, Bridge Walker and the charm Open Moon Bridge create temporary Moon Bridges that connect basically any place you want, if within reach. The Rite connects two Caerns that each have a Path Stone and the Moon bridges are permanent-ish. The Rite has to be re-performed according to the Rules of the Rite, but Caerns: Places of Power lists not that well maintained secondary and tertiary Moon Bridges some Caerns have, so....
      The Ragabash Gift Open Moon Bridge only allows to open Moon Bridges build by the Rite, but to do so, without consent of Caern Spirit or Gatekeeper office.