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Rage and Gifts, Lash of Rage punishing the success...

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  • Rage and Gifts, Lash of Rage punishing the success...

    Lash of Rage is a Gift that rolls your rage... and IIRC there's a handful of other Gifts that rolls your rage as well, so anytime you use one of these Gifts well do you frenzy? Or do you guys use the Gift roll with frenzy attached only when drama calls for it?
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    By the rules, yes, you risk Frenzy for such Gifts. And as far as drama goes, I think the intention is to limit these Gifts to dramatic moments because of it. A werewolf breaking out a Gift that rolls Rage should only be doing so when the risk of Frenzy would add to the drama.


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      Hmm, nice. I'm going to search every Gift of this type to see the kind of raw power they bring up, risking your mind to tear into Gaia's enemies, the sacrifice!

      The Athro rank increases the frenzy difficulty by 2, so when I roll for the Gift all the 6+ dice are damage and all 8+ dice count for the frenzy I imagine. That sounds logical IMO.


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        IIRC the Frenzy difficulty for Rank increase doesn't apply to Gift activation rolls, however the increase in number of successes to Frenzy does.


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          An additional boon due to Rank too, the book sorts them apart despite frenzy being necessarily bound to a rage roll.

          Lash of Rage seems less of a kamikaze Gift for your sanity to me now and more like a source of incredible damage at a risk of losing control. There's a good range to explore in this 2 difficulty difference and also, I'm not counting fetishes or spiritual boons (totems and like of those of the exemple from theurge fostern rank challenge) that may turn the Garou less prone to frenzy.

          The Calm Heart merit would just turn this gift harder to use now that I see it, it deals with the whole of rage rolls, not the frenzy part of rage rolls.