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Does Pentex have an Incarna?

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  • Does Pentex have an Incarna?

    I was skimming my old Wyrm 20 book and have started to wonder if Pentex should have some sort of Incarna embodying it. Should one exist, and if so, do you think that it has BSD packs dedicated to it?

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    I believe that the W20 Umbra book does mention that some garou (mostly Glass Walkers) have begun to note the appearance of 'Corporate Fathers/Mothers' spirits which age similar to yet obviously distinct from the City Fathers/Mothers and National spirits. I believe they even specifically note that while no 'PENTEX Corporate Father' is yet to be acknowledged, there is a very real possibility that one could form and would likely quickly become a prominent member of the Wyrm's Brood.


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      I personally don't think corporations should have Incarna. Very few truly last long enough to develop a distinct spiritual presence in my opinion. At least cities and nations can be around for hundreds or thousands of years. The average lifespan of a large S&P500 corporation is only a few decades, and that is shrinking all the time. Those business that do last a significant amount of time are usually small private (family owned) businesses that can change with the times because they are small and flexible. And they are very, very rare. And even if one believes those companies should have a spiritual presence, I don't think it is one that Garou - Gaian or BSD - could get.

      PENTEX has enough Bane patrons anyway. It's not necessary from an ST perspective to give them yet another.


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        They're probably far more common in the High Umbra but I do agree that most corporations probably wouldn't have representatives in the Middle Umbra.

        There are two exceptions that do occur to me though:

        •Corporate Hives
        Office buildings and complexes that have developed highly intricate technological, social, and political ecologies may slowly generate human passion and perception that will cause the buildings to gain shadowy and vague spiritual reflections that will slowly grow deeper with time and tend to be more 'real' from within rather then without due to them largely only *feeling* real to those having to constantly be within them. The webs that these places spin are thick with Weaver-taint and while these Weaver-domains and the spirits within are likely to be corporate-agnostic with perhaps the occasional representative of Easy Credit, the spiders may occasionally adopt the iconography of the hive's corporate aspect. They are still beholden to their Pattern Spider superiors then anyone else but they will occasionally skirmish if the spiders of competing companies are forced into proximity.

        •Mascot Representatives
        The other place where I could potentially see spirits arising, if only minor urban ones, of corporate icons and representatives. From The Laughing Clown, The Cattle Raider, The Meat King, and The Smirking Lass and plenty others; symbols with significant recognition amongst humans and some dedication of emotional energy (even if only from children and memes) may in fact have representatives amongst the Middle Umbra, even if it's rare for anyone but Bone Gnawers, Glass Walkers, and Corax.

        Although I do largely agree that there isn't exactly a huge territory for corporate spirits in the Middle Umbra, as opposed for their various domains in the Realms Above.


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          More Recently I could see a Pentex Quixotic Lycian Chimera of Subsidiaries and even Pentex itself... been on a Changeling kick. :P

          It is a time for great deeds!


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            yes, but not yet. in the time of judgement, the pentex incarna rises. it is a corperate father and causes the glass walkers to fall to the wyrm. it even becomes a Celestine and possesses every pentex employee.

            in the fan made mockery breeds tribebook it is already here, but is very well hidden.