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Werewolf Joke From My Mage Game

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  • Werewolf Joke From My Mage Game

    So, the mages in my Mage: the Ascension game had the Glass Walker Supernatural Ally of one of the PCs join them for a trip to the High Umbra, where they needed to visit the River of Language and the Bibliotecha Iskandria (basically the Library of Alexandria writ large). To get help from the boatman spirits, each character had to tell a story, a new word, or a joke. The Glass Walker Werewolf, being an Ahroun who isn't too bright, said this:

    'A werewolf walks into a bar and asks for a beer. The barkeep asks, do you want a bottled beer or beer in a glass. The werewolf says, just pour it down my throat, 'I'm a Glass Walker until I've had a dozen.'

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    Listen, no one stipulated it had to be a *great* joke.

    Either way, Coyote - Raven - someone get that ahroun some Wisdom renown!