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  • Gnosis

    There whas last time at us a discussion about Gnosis about two points.

    First where are exactly the rules how it make it unlikely for the embrace to be sucessful?
    Second with whom it is compatible? In W20 it is only strictly crossed out for cainites and iirc it is compatible with Numina but what about Magi, Wraiths, Changelings and Hunters?
    Can you for example be at the same time awakened and have Gnosis?

    As I am from Austria I need to clarify two things.
    First my native language is german and so please point out if the english I write is broken so I can improve.
    Second I do not own VTMV nor any line after M20 because it is not out there and I wait for the translation.

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    Werewolf Storyteller's Handbook revised page 179:
    Garou receive one final chance to escape the living death; upon the Embrace, the Garou makes a reflexive (and instinctive) Gnosis roll, difficulty 6, to die quietly. If the roll succeeds, he dies without pain and his spirit travels to its destined place. If the roll fails, he dies in torturous agony, but his spirit is free. If the roll botches, the Garou becomes an Abomination and cannot hope ever to see his Tribal Homeland.
    No Discipline, Gift, magic or any other sort of power short of direct intervention by a Celestine can affect this roll, save one — the werewolf can spend a Willpower point to gain an automatic success as usual (and is almost certain to do so).

    Abominations, with a capital A are only mentioned once in W20, as far as I found, and that is a formerly Silver Fang Brujah Abomination, who...... is part of the Kickstarter Backer List and therefore not canon ;D

    Hunters, per definition, are only imbued if they have not other connection to the supernatural, so no Gnosis - as Gnosis is a Merit for Kinfolk characters and if one isn't a Changing Breed with automatic gnosis, one would assume that this Merit is the only way to get Gnosis.
    That said, some supernaturals have "Kinfolk" as a merit option and if they that that, they might be eligible to also take Gnosis as a Merit.

    That said, Gnosis Merit doesn't automatically grant side stepping. It only allows to use Talens and Fetishes, and to power Gifts that use Gnosis, if a spirit would bestow that gift.
    For Mages it wouldn't make sense to have Gnosis, since it is a form of enlightenment that is tied to the Fera cosmology and while it might have similar characteristics then Arete within a dreamspeaker-esque paradigm, it really doesn't make sense to have that trait. Same goes for Changeling, although Nunnehi glamour also might be somewhat similar to Gnosis. Wraiths are disconnected with the living world, Gnosis they might have possessed before their deaths is lost - enlightenment about their place within the Gaia has no meaning in death. That said, Garou (and I guess other Fera) usually don't become Wraith to begin with.
    As with mages, some sorcerers might have Mana ratings that in their essence might share similarities to Gnosis.