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    Originally posted by Aleph View Post
    I find a bit worrying that the "penumbral vision" seems to be your typical "scan skill" to check where enemies are and such. Instead of showing...well...the spirit world (showing immaterial spirits, and other ephemeral stuff). Right now it doesn't seem like the spiritual aspects of being a werewolf are getting much love.
    This is essentially my exact feeling on the game, however, it goes beyond being disappointed with the importing Batman's "Detective Vision," filing off the serial numbers and calling it "penumbral vision." All of the gameplay looks generic--stuff I've done in a dozen or more other games over the years.

    The "abilities" appear to let you perform canned claw strike sequences of varying sizes and speeds, a ground slam, you have a crossbow for deactivating electronics (instead of, gee I dunno, Jam Technology, which is a low-rank Homid Gift). The different forms look pretty whatever--there is functionally no difference between turning into a wolf to move more stealthily, and hitting a button to crouch (and move more stealthily.) The fact that you go into Crinos to fight is fine I guess. What I would have liked to have seen would have been for there to be more than one form that's good for whatever task--if there's just not question about which form I'm going to use to do any given sort of task, there's nothing tactical or special about that; they've basically just made a game like any other, but made it so you gotta hit a particular button before you get into a fight/try to sneak around/use a computer. I'll reserve completely judgment about how the Umbra is utilized because there's not a whole lot of gameplay footage available, and for all I know there will be a Soul Reaver-like mechanics where you can move back and forth at will to access things or rooms via one world that are blocked off or otherwise inaccessible in the other. I'm not holding my breath though.