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Stats of the Great Beasts?

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  • Stats of the Great Beasts?

    Where can I find the stats of Great Beasts summoned by Song of the Great Beast?

    AFAIK several very early books have some Great Beasts which can be summoned by it.

    Ways of the Wolf, a very cold book. The Beasts are the greatest of all, they are... spiritual creatures? All have Willpower 10, Rage 10, Gnosis 10, and can use them like Garou

    Another core book, I can’t recall name, 1st ST Handbook? It has Ness, Underground Alligator, etc.

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    This Gift has many alternatives. Song of City Beast, Song of Great Dragon, etc. If it has Black Spiral Dancer version, I always think it will summon Nexus Crawler


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      Well if your going off a nexus crawler for the bsd version, remove the warp reality charm and replace it with something comparable to what matter of beast you are dealing with while retaining the stats

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      But all the powerful magical mysteries never gave a single thing back


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        You named the only two major sources I remember for the Great Beasts. Mammoth is given a description of a Great Beast in Rage Across Appalachia.

        Ways of the Wolf
        • Yeti
        • Sasquatch/Big Foot
        • Willawau (a giant owl, I don't know what legend this comes from
        • Dinosaurs
        • Great Sharks
        Incidentally, each of these are the kind of Great Beasts named in the gift description for first and second edition.

        Werewolf Storyteller's Handbook (first edition)
        • Lake Serpents (Loch Ness Monster, Champy, Ogopogo, etc.)
        Sewer Gators are mentioned in the ST's Handbook, but it is not an example of a Great Beast.

        Rage Across Appalachia
        • Mammoth
        The Great Beasts have physical stats. Each is different, because the stats are supposed to reflect the individual animal (or in the case of Yeti and such, the legendary beast). They typically have two very high physical attributes (usually Strength and Stamina), decent Perception, and low in everything else. They have high skills in the relevant Abilities an animal should have - Brawl, Survival, Primal Urge, Alertness, Athletics, Animal Ken, and the legendary beasts have Occult.

        They appear to have about 12 total health levels. In Ways of the Wolf, it is mentioned they have 10s in Rage, Gnosis, and Willpower, and that they regenerate two wounds per round. If killed, the regenerate in the Deep Umbra.

        Mechanically, these should actually be easy for any ST to create. If you want other examples, I'd read Wikipedia or another source on Pleistocene Megafauna, and pick which ones may excite you. You could include terror birds, Irish Elk, wooly rhinoceroses, glyptotheriums, giant condors, or megatheriums. Another source would be a list of cryptids like giant squids, bunyips (!), mongolian death worms, yowies, giant spiders, and thunderbirds.