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Chances of W5 being Forsaken Reskinned?

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  • Originally posted by Erinys View Post
    Absolutely. Human rights abuses are a core part of industrial "progress".

    Polluting factories, mine tailings, leaky pipelines, landfills, toxic waste, and nuclear waste are routinely put in communities of racially and/or economically oppressed people, so that the dominant groups don't have to suffer (or even hear about) the effects. It causes extreme health problems: congenital disabilities ("birth defects&quot, stillbirths, lots of nasty diseases, and now extra COVID vulnerability... plus the oil spills and chemical accidents also occur mostly in "sacrifice zones" inhabited by poor people and ethnic minorities. Those folks are also often living in the places most severely harmed by climate change, and most don't have the resources to move away. Then there's the "man camps" of non-Native men brought close to First Nation reservations to work pipelines and fracking rigs; some go raping and kidnapping Native American women in large numbers. And everywhere some tropical rainforest is being clearcut, there are disenfranchised native humans living there whose lives are being ruined as their homeland is stolen and literally destroyed.

    Even the people who end up taking health-destroying jobs in coal mines, refineries, chemical plants, and factory farms are in some cases folks who don't have many other job options, especially in rural communities with collapsing economies - so they're also being exploited in a way. When the local fossil fuels or metals run out, companies sometimes just take all the money and abandon them (leaving the toxic waste behind).

    If the people who profit and benefit the most from cheap fossil fuels and chemical products had to live with the pollution dumped in their own backyards and killing their own families, they might be less willing to keep using the stuff.

    In WTA there's the added horror of banes coming to roost and breed in all these gutted industrial hellscapes and screwing around with the angry, desperate locals. And hey! when they're really desperate and despairing, not only are they more vulnerable to possession, but it's easier to tempt them to do more and more heinous things for the Wyrm, in return for medicine or jobs or money or food ... hey, Pentex has all those things!
    Yeah what most Garou don’t know is that the Exploitation of people and the environment are hugely interconnected,