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    I am planning a one-shot using Freak Legion for my players. The idea is to play a Pentex First Team who is supposed to go retrieve an important target from a facility under attack in the Amazon. Their helicopter goes down, and they find themselves having to travel on foot.

    Thoughts and ideas on such a game? Unlike most of my games, it's not meant to be as serious. I will still have horror and buildup as the situation deteriorates. And everyone in theory is meant to die horrifically.

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    I ran a fomori one shot one time of a group of nightshift workers at a Magadon plant that got stuck inside during an emergency lockdown, They slowly succumbed to the toxins in the air as they tried to escape, turning into fomori just in time to die horribly in battle against the huge Fomarch that had escaped from the basement lab and triggered the lockdown.


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      One shots can be very fun.

      There are lots of stories of a small group deep in enemy territory are menaced while they try to return to home. It's the historical story of the Anabasis by Xenophon which has been retold many, many times over the years as historical fiction and inspiration for fiction (like the cult movie The Warriors).

      My only suggestion is to break the session into three sections. First, the trek from the crash site to the facility. Second, the exploration of the facility and (possible) recovery of the target. (Though it works just as good should their target already be dead, taken, destroyed, etc. Third, the trek from the facility to "home" which I assume is a safe PENTEX facility. Come up with what happens at each stage.

      On either the travel to the site, or the return to homebase, I'd divide up the map according to enemy factions (this pack of Garou, or this group of Balam, or whatever - make each section/theme have its own theme). And the trek back goes from one enemy territory to another. Once they reach another territory, their old foe does not purse - they escape them. But now they have to face a different foe. You may want to limit each enemy territory to one kind of attack or menace, or maybe give several encounters for each. All depends on how much time you have. I think this would work better for the return trip, as the crash and investigation of the ruins give their enemies enough time to prepare for them.