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Bind Incarna/Celestine into Fetishes/Klaives?

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  • Bind Incarna/Celestine into Fetishes/Klaives?

    IIRC there is no restriction about the strength of spirits bound into items. So is it possible?

    The first thing I recall is those items bound into Talons of Wyrm, but they may unusable

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    Technically, you can bind part of their power, willingly given, into legendary fetishes.


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      Thanks but I say the whole of them, themselves


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        A spirit bound to a fetish is essentially in slumber, or a similar state. I don't think that would be a good thing for an Incarna or Celestine to be in. That would have to affect the material world in a bad way.

        I can't conceive of any reason such powerful beings would agree to do it, nor is there any way for a Garou to forcibly bind them. These spirits likely have Gnosis far in excess of what can be rolled on a 1d10.

        Garou don't even actually communicate with Incarna or Celestines (I think the best they normally do are jaggling avatars of the Incarna). The description of the Rite of Summoning states that Incarna and Celestine avatars are technically able to be summoned, but the description clearly states powerful spirits come out of curiosity. Such spirits could also be met "normally", but probably only if those spirits desire to interact with that Garou in specially contrived circumstances deep in the umbra. The Garou better have really good reasons to summon such spirits.

        I'm sure there might be someway to temporarily "bind" or "imprison" certain powerful spirits, but it wouldn't be in the manner of a fetish. It's for story/plot purposes and always has some ridiculous, legendary story behind. Special unique rites that are learned, Celestines interceding, etc. like how She Cries Ice bound Narlthus into an meteorite as described in Rite of Passage.

        I think the game does have a status of "lesser Incarna" which I think would probably be a powerful unique being, but still short of a true Incarna's power. I think the Maeljin would fall into that. That's at the edge of beings that could potentially be affected by dice rolls, as opposed to ST fiat.