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    So tonight I was running my Werewolf the Wild West game. During combat, when it was time for initiative to be rolled, the Ragabash of the Pack tells me that he rolled a 25 out a Dex+Wits+s10 initiative roll. When I asked how he got that he yells me that he has a Wits Speciality of Initiative. Now with all the years that I have ST Werewolf, I have never come across that. I will admit that I love in a small town and that over the years, my rpg experience has been limited to bout 30 people.

    The purpose of this post is to ask ..officially, in canon, can a Specialty in Wits for Initiative have a 10 Again dice trick? Idk how I feel bout "homebrewing" that....

    Edit: to clarify i am using W20 for rules
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    Way back in WtA 1e, Initiative was a Wits + Alertness roll with successes dictating order instead of 1d10 + Dex + Wits like it is now. Obviously the specialty made sense then. Unfortunately while the initiative roll has changed, references to Wits having a specialty in it tended to get copied from core book to core book even after it became inapplicable.